10 Packing Hacks for Moving Into Your New Condo

10 Packing Hacks for Moving Into Your New Condo

Let’s say you just bought one of those condominiums for sale in Quezon City. It’s exciting, yes, but you won’t truly feel like the owner until you pack everything you own and move ‘em all into your new digs. Sounds hard for you? Don’t worry, it’s not! Here are 10 packing hacks that will make your moving day easier.

Sort It All Out

Take this as an opportunity to sort out all your stuff. Create three piles labeled throw, donate, and keep. If you haven’t used it in more than a year, donate it. If it’s in a really bad condition, throw it. The rest, put in your keep pile.

Utilize Your Suitcases

Use your suitcases to move in some of your lighter things like clothes, gadgets, books, and even vases. That way, you can save both money and time.

Pack An Overnight Bag

Moving into a new home can get quite tiring. You might feel so exhausted afterwards that you just don’t want to hunt for your toiletries and PJs in your organized mess of boxes. An overnight bag is the solution for this problem. What do you need to pack? A set of pajamas, toiletries, a set of clothes and gadgets are just a few examples.

Keep Clothes Hanging

It can really be quite a hassle to remove your clothes from their hangers, fold, then unpack and re-hanger them again. So just pack them as it is, while on their hangers. And when you get home, hang ‘em in your closet. It’s that simple!

Last To Pack, First To Unload

Remember this rule when it comes to packing your things. One of the last things you should pack is your toolbox and box of groceries. Why the toolbox? Because it’s going to be pretty handy when it comes to hanging things. And the groceries? You’re going to be very hungry after moving; food must be there to satiate your hunger.

Use Styro Plates

Styrofoam plates make good protection for your fragile, breakable plates since they’re already similarly shaped. As you stack your breakable plates, place a Styrofoam one in between. It’s a two-in-one deal because not only do you get to prevent your plates from breaking, you also get a few plates you can use for those days when you just can’t face washing the dishes.

Use A Rubber Band To Keep Your Door Open

Nobody wants to be locked out while moving in furniture. So to prevent this, wrap a rubber band around one doorknob, twist it, wrap the other end around the other doorknob, and Voila! You now have a simple way to keep your door from latching.

Keep ‘Em Separated

You’ve probably heard about moving day stories where the homeowner finds a fork with her shoes or that jug she’s given up for lost in a box of linens a few weeks later. Don’t let this happen to you! Don’t place your jug with your bathroom items just because it saves space. Keep your bedroom items in your bedroom box. Keep your stuff well-categorized and seperated.

Snap A Photo Of Your Electronics

Label your wires using masking tapes and markers before unplugging them from your appliances Then photograph it to make it easier to remember which plug goes where.

Color Code, Label and List

As you place your things in the boxes, list down what you’re putting inside each box. Then label your box with its assigned color (e.g. red for kitchen, blue for bathroom) and stick a copy of your list onto the box.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon have all your stuff in your new crib. Just one more thing to do: Don’t forget to send you new address to everyone at least two weeks before moving. Enjoy your new home!

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