More Than Function: 5 Creative Furniture Designs

How would you feel if you went to someone’s house and saw that their furniture was exactly the same as yours? That’s pretty ridiculous. But you have to admit, it is quite an unnerving thought. After all, it’s human nature to want to be unique, even when it comes to choice in furniture.

If you want to turn one of our condos for sale in EDSA into a one-of-a-kind pad, feast your eyes on these funky furniture sets.

Lean Table




If someone asks you the shape of a table, you’d most likely say square, rectangle, circle, or oval. Well, how about an irregular shape that is made out of hexagons? Yes, you read that right; such a table actually exists. Called the Lean Table, this furniture looks like hexagonal stools put together to form a table. However, in actuality, it’s just made of two irregularly-shaped chairs. Either way, what matters is that it looks like an insect hive, and insect hives are always cool.






Unless there is magic or sufficiently advanced engineering involved, you can’t turn a table into a shelf or a bench.  But with Extensions, you don’t need to have knowledge in either; all you need is to follow the manual.  IKEA, eat your heart out.

DIY Building Blocks




As a child, you played with building blocks to make all sorts of things. Heck, you still probably do the same thing until now. Too bad you can’t use them to make furniture. But don’t despair, because if that’s what you want to achieve, then turn your childhood (or even adulthood) dream into a reality with the DIY Building Blocks. Make a chair, a table, a shelf – you’re only limited by your wants, needs, and living space. And aside from its versatility, its black color and flatness makes it look very sleek and modern.

Bag Chair




If you travel frequently and do not have a car, there will be a lot of times in your life when you’ll be forced to stand, sometimes even for long hours. During those times, you’ve probably wished you could fit a chair in your bag. If that’s the case, then your wish has come true with the Bag Chair. It’s only the size of a laptop bag and quite easy to assemble to boot. And if you’re not going anywhere, then you can just leave it as a eccentric-looking chair at home that will leave your guests scratching their heads.

Emperor 1510





There’s probably no name more fitting for this awesome chair that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Seriously, there are very few things in this world that are cooler than this starfighter seat with an arch that can support up to three LED screens, a pad for a keyboard, a footrest, and a beverage holder. Perfect for watching shows (especially geeky ones) and playing video games, you might never want to stand up again. Ever.

So, did you find any of the furniture in the list to your liking? It’s almost impossible not to, since they’re all functional and fashionable. Surely, once you have any of these, you’ll be the envy of your guests.

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