5 Reasons To Stay At Home This Christmas Season

Lauren Hannah Properties - Stay Home This Christmas

There are a lot of places you can go to this Christmas. The mall, the park, a luxury hotel – there are so many beautiful sights to see during the holidays. However, all of them do not have serenity and simplicity – two things that should be felt this season. So, where’s this one place where you can find them? The home, nowhere else – especially if you call one of our premier condos for sale along EDSA ‘Home’.

Here are a few reasons why there’s nothing like Christmas at home:

Heavy traffic

Because of seemingly endless holiday shopping and Christmas parties left and right, the traffic, which is already heavy enough as it is, just became even heavier, more unforgiving, and more unbearable, with long and winding stretches of road filled with glaring red taillights from one end to another. So, if you have nowhere else important you have to be in and nothing else you have to buy, then just stay at no place else than your humble abode.

­­­You have visitors

If everyone’s going to someone else’s place during the holidays, then who will people be visiting during Christmas? What if someone else comes to visit you and you’re not home? That’s why you need to stay put and make sure that they’ll feel welcome – cook dinner, perform either a general or a quick cleanup, and prepare your home entertainment system for your guests. After all, there’s no better time for hospitality than Christmas time.

It’s more intimate

Intimate family Christmas bonding

Although there’s nothing wrong with spending Christmas somewhere else other than home, you have to admit that it’s best celebrated in a place of your own than one you share with hundreds or even thousands of other people you don’t know. Besides, expect that malls, theme parks, and other popular spots will be filled to the brim and therefore would be hard to have fun in, so make your own brand of family fun at home instead.

A lot more relaxing

There’s no denying that the time you spend in places outside the home can be fun. However, when it’s all over, you can’t help but feel exasperated, and only a relaxing reprieve at home can restore your weary soul. On the other hand, a good time at home, even if it involves something physical, hardly tires you out. Truly, there must be some kind of unexplainable magic in the home that fills its inhabitants with energy.

Practice your traditions

Family traditions are, well, supposed to be only within you and your family. And what better venue to hold these private affairs than your very own space? Whether it’s an embarrassing song-and-dance contest or a heartfelt exchange gift, these activities that are meant to be shared with the most important people in your life give off a sense of family togetherness and joy, and they’re felt best when all of you are at home.

So, are you still contemplating on leaving your house this season? Go ahead; nobody’s stopping you. Just remember that you’ll always go back. And when you do, you’ll realize there’s no place like it.

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