6 Condo Hacks That Will Help You Save Space In Style!

If matter is something that occupies space, then the things you have at home matter. Well, what if you’re already starting to have too much things that matter, so much so that you’re running out of space?

If you think that is the conundrum you’ll have when you start living in one of our condominiums for sale in the Scout area, then read up on how you can save space and keep everything that matters to you at home.

Use a Chest as a Coffee Table

chest table

Instead of the usual coffee table where everything below the top and between the feet is nothing but an empty and unusable space, why not use a chest? With chests, you can store things you’re not currently using, and you can make them double as a coffee table. This will save you from the costs of having to buy a coffee table and storage crates, as well as save your house from the considerable space the two will occupy.

Run Shelves up to the Ceiling

shelves to ceiling

If your house doesn’t exactly have a high ceiling, this should be a good and convenient space-saving idea. Instead of putting or building another small shelf, which will once again eat up precious floor space, it’s better to make tall shelves that occupy a part of your house that virtually has no use.

Hole in the Wall

wall cupboard

Rather than mounting cupboards on walls, why not make cupboards a part of the wall itself? This will allow you to place more things on the kitchen. And if there comes a point when you no longer need too much space, a hidden compartment is always cool in your visitors’ books.

Not Just A Closet

storage closet

Is there still anybody at home who’s playing hide and seek? Whether the answer is yes or no, if you’re already starting to run out of space, it’s time you added a sorter/storage cabinet on the closet floor. After all, there’s no such thing as monsters, so nobody’s using the part beneath where the clothes hang.

Sofa Bed

sofa bed

Why buy a bed if you can have one with your sofa? You can use it to receive guests and as a seat when you’re watching TV in the morning, and you can sleep on it when night falls. And if you want even more bang for your buck, buy one of those sofa beds with a pull-out bed. Two beds and a sofa for the price of one furniture – what a steal.

Wall Bed

wall bed / Murphy's Bed

If a sofa-bed for you is still a space-eating behemoth, then what about a bed that will consume zero floor space when not in use? Yes, there’s such a thing; it’s called a wall bed. When it’s time to rise and shine, you can hang it up and use the space for some other activities. And when you finally have some shuteye, just hang it back down.

With these suggestions, you can save both space and the things that matter to you. See? It doesn’t take rocket science.

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