6 Ways To Save Electricity in Your Condo

6 Ways To Save Electricity in Your Condo

Are you planning to buy that condo for sale in EDSA? Awesome! Having a new home can be quite exciting! But with this heat, your electricity bills might be doubled, partly because you’ll be using the air conditioner more often and partly because you will open all the electric fans you have in your home just to keep things cool. Well, let’s not minimize that electric bill problem, shall we? Here are some clever ways to save electricity in your condo.

Switch Light Bulbs

It may be such a minor thing but it can help reduce your electricity bill. Don’t buy incandescent lamps. Instead, go for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). Did you know that aside from being a major energy saver by using up to 75% less energy, CFLs can also last longer? Or if you really want to save a lot more money and you are willing to spend a little more, go for LED light bulbs. Your LED light bulb’s lifetime is around six times that of your CFL and, of course, it consumes lesser energy.

Do Full Laundry Loads

If you’re going to do your laundry, do full loads only. Running a half load consumes the same amount of electricity as running a full load. If your washing machine says it can take on 5 kilos, then load it with 5 kilos of clothing. On that note, weigh your clothes before putting them inside your washing machine. When your washing machine says 5 kilos, this means dry clothing, not wet. Also, don’t overload your washing machine as it can shorten the lifetime of your appliance.

Clean Your Appliances

If you have dirty appliances, chances are they are consuming more energy than they should be. Not only do they eat up energy, but they’re also not as efficient as they should be. If you can clean your own appliances, do it yourself but there are some that needs to be professionally cleaned like your air conditioning unit. For those appliances, better call on a professional.

Look For “The Star”

The next time you’re going to purchase an appliance, choose one with an Energy Star sticker on it. Appliances with the Energy Star sticker are energy saving products that are able to meet the highest energy efficiency standards established by the United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. But if you’re still unsure about the product you’re about to purchase, you can research the item on the internet and check out the reviews. If it comes with the package, check out the yellow EnergyGuide tags as well to compare the approximate energy usage of the item.

Turn Your Appliances Off

When your appliances, the lights or just something is not in use, turn them off! Or better yet, unplug ‘em! Even when plugged, these appliances are still consuming some energy. Did you put your laptop on sleep in belief that this saves energy? Of course not! Turn it off and unplug it. According to a study, up to 75% of electrical energy consumed on a daily basis is just from appliances that are plugged in and not in use, like the television or the toaster. But there are certain obvious exemptions to this rule such as your refrigerator.

These are very easy and efficient ways to save energy. Remember, you’re not just conserving energy, but you’re also saving money as well!

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