8 Hacks To Maximize Your Condo Closet

8 Hacks To Maximize Your Condo Closet

It’s great that you’ve considered a condo for sale along EDSA as your new home. It’s convenient and it’s a great spot to live in. But then here’s the rub: there isn’t a lot of closet space for your wardrobe. Still, no worries! Presenting, our hacks to maximize that tiny closet!

Toss It Out!

Organizing your closet is a great opportunity for you to toss out what you don’t need. The blue top your girlfriend gave you that shrank after countless laundry? Give it away! How about that holey pair of socks? Throw ‘em in the trash! Remember the number one role of organizing your cloest: If you have not worn that piece of clothing in a year, let it go. Not only do you get to sort your things but you also get to lessen the number of clothes you are bringing to your new home.

Out of Season, Out of Sight

Yes, you may live in a country with just two seasons but there are some pieces of clothing that you can wear only on certain months or places. If you have a thick padded jacket, it would be stupid if you were to keep it hanging in your closet all year round. You can only wear it in places with freezing climates like Baguio or Tagaytay. So what are you going to do? Pack it up! After all, it’s not practical to have it occupying space for four tops. Put it in a box and shove ‘em under your bed. Remember, you need all the space you can get for your clothes.

Hang Multiple Clothing

If you really have a lot of clothes and they can’t fit in the closet rod, here’s a couple of techniques to get more space for your hangers. The next time you’re drinking from a canned softdrink, don’t throw away that soda tab! Keep it and then slip it onto your hanger hook and there you go, another place to hang another hanger. Or get an S hook and hang it on your closet rod. Then hand a plastic or steel chain on the other end of the S hook and voila! You can now start hanging your clothes on those chain links.

Utilize Shower Curtain Rings

Got plenty of scarves and bags? Here’s a way to hand ‘em all up! Get a good, sturdy hanger. Attach shower rings to this hanger. There you are, a way to save space and hang your scarves. You can also hang on it your bags, baseball caps and other items.

Keep It At A Level

There are pieces of clothing that you just have to repeatedly use like uniforms or jeans. Keep these items at an eye level, preferably on the upper or lower shelves.

Fold, Don’t Hang

We may be all about organizing here but we’re also about doing so properly. If there’s one type of clothing you must never hang it’s your sweater. Hanging your sweaters will only ruin it. So to keep them from toppling over, fold ‘em instead and place ‘em in cardboard boxes with labels.

Not In The Closet!

Although it can be quite convenient for you, don’t store your shoes in your closet. They’ll only take up a lot of your much-needed space. Instead, why not place them on a big frame and place it under your bed? Sort of like a makeshift shoe drawer. Or keep your most used shoes near the door for an easy getaway.

Pick The Right Hanger

When we say pick slim hangers, we don’t mean wire hangers. Wire hangers rust, stretch your clothes, pucker the shoulders of your tops and poke a hole in you beloved expensive jacket. Leave the wire hanger on the arts table. Pick slim plastic hangers or wooden ones. For suits and coats, get hangers with contoured arms to keep it in shape.

Keep your closet organized with these tips and for sure you’ll be shopping for more tops the next time a big sale is on!

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