A Creative Studio: Brilliant Design Ideas for Studio-Type Condo Units

Studio Room Designs

Living in a studio type condo may not seem very luxurious, but it can be quite cosy if designed well. What it lacks in space makes up for its functionality and style. It can be quite a challenge to design studio condominiums for sale in Quezon City, but you can transform that small space into a home that will suit your lifestyle. All it really needs is a bit of patience, resourcefulness and a bit of creative flair.

Here’s our take on design ideas that you can easily do that will turn your studio type condo into your very own city haven.

Studio Floor Plan

Have a plan

Just like with any design project, you need to have a plan first. This way, you’ll know just how much space you have to work with. Take out the floor plan for your unit and start designating areas for the living area, dining and kitchen, and of course, the bedroom. This will act as your guide as you go through the design process.

Studio Type Room

Be smart with your stuff

Since you’ll be working with limited space, you need to be smart with your stuff. This is no time to hoard or hold on to things that you won’t use regularly so make sure to buy wisely. You can also avoid cluttering your area by picking out appliances and furniture pieces that won’t crowd your area. Go for minimalist furniture pieces that are high on functionality.

Studio Room

Choose storage wisely

Storage is a big concern for people who choose to live in studio condos. With such limited space, it can be very difficult to find a place for all your important items and assorted knick knacks. You can hang hooks on walls, use furniture pieces that double as storage space, and place stylish storage boxes under the bed and couch. The trick to getting the most out of storage is to make every square inch count.

Studio Type Glass Mirrors

Use glass windows and mirrors to your advantage

Placing mirrors around your studio condo will give it the illusion of being bigger and well ventilated. Same goes for large glass windows. Glass and mirrors are great at reflecting light, which can make rooms seem a lot spacious than they actually are. Use a variety of different sized mirrors to add visual interest to your room.

Studio Room Frames


Create a focal point

Having a focal point is a great way to put a unique design element into your studio condo. Going big on your wall decor may seem counterintuitive, but it can sure add a punch of color and individuality to your living space. A photo wall doesn’t just add style to your space, but it also shows off your personality.

Try not to over think it when designing your studio apartment because the more ideas you try to incorporate into your design, the more cluttered it’s going to feel. Set a theme so that you have style guide you can follow. When in doubt, just follow this simple rule: Keep it simple, light, and relaxed.

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