Getting Fit! Inside-the-Condo Exercises that’ll Give You a Hot Summer Body

Condo Gym

You can bet that those condominiums for sale along the Scout area sports at least one fitness center in their compound, armed with the gym equipment you’ll ever need to get that hot body you’re dreaming of. There are times, though, when leaving the comforts of your home can feel like a drag. So if you want to do some exercises but don’t want to go to your nearby gym, then here are a few routines you can try out inside your condo unit.

Sumo Squats

Sumo Squats

Go the extra mile by doing Sumo squats instead of the usual squat routines! Not only does it burn more calories, but it also stretches your lower leg muscles and butt muscles. Start off in what ballerinas call a plié; that is, position your feet in a squat wider than your shoulders with your feet pointing outward. Then squat down, bending the knees with your back straight and your knees not going further beyond your toes.

Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl

If there’s one exercise you’ll always see done, it’s the bicep curl. Most people think that you immediately need weights to do this routine but you can always improvise with a couple of water bottles filled with water, sand, or anything heavy. While holding the weights or water bottles, stick your elbows to your hips and just let your arms hang loosely. Then bend your arm towards you until your forearm reaches your chest. Twist in your wrist a little as you do it. Slowly move down your arm until it reaches the first position. Do this 16 times on each arm.

Tricep Kickback

Tricep Kickback

Tricep kickback will be harder to do than to the bicep curls, but it’ll all be worth it. Start in a standing position with your knees bent and your left foot forward. Bend your upper body forward at your hips and keep your torso taunt. Put your left hand on your left thigh for balance and support. Pull your right arm backwards and bend your elbow. Holding your weight, stretch out your right arm then pull it back. Do it 16 times on each arm.



What ladies want are toned fabulous not only while they’re in a bikini but while in a mini skirt as well. And a few rounds of lunges can help them get just that! Stand straight then place your feet hip wide apart. Put your hands on your hips then place the right foot forward. Keeping that foot flat and the heel dug in, bend both knees with the other leg in a kneeling position and your right bent forward towards your toes. Step back and repeat with the other leg. Do it for 16 times each leg.



Crunches help work out your abdominal area, one of the hardest muscle groups to work out (it’s also the one area that everyone wants fit and toned). Grab a mat or towel. Lie down on it and bend your knees with your feet flat and forward. Put your hands behind your head to support it or if you think you can do this exercise without moving your head forward, stretch out your arms. Tilt your head up and tighten your torso. Get ready and pull your upper body forward. For those who have their arms stretched out, until you reach your knees. Inhale and slowly lower down your body.

You might complain at first when exercising, but as soon as you’ve slipped on your summer get-up you newly toned body will scream it was worth it. One last reminder, though, before you start doing these routines: always remember to stretch before doing any of these exercises to lessen the muscle pain the next day.

The Dummies’ Guide to Unconventional Bathroom Design Ideas

Unconventional Bathroom Design

Condominiums for sale in the Scout area typically feature great bathrooms. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t redecorate it, particularly if its current design doesn’t exactly meet your standards. And since you’re the one in charge of the renovation anyway, try out some of these unconventional bathroom design ideas we’ve listed down!

Paint Stripes on the Walls

Many experts say that vertical stripes make a person look taller, while horizontal stripes make them appear wider. So take a page out of your favorite fashionista’s book and paint your walls with wide, horizontal stripes to make your bathroom bigger than it really is! Or go for vertical lines if what you want to feel taller while in the bathroom.

Install a Ladder

Tired of hanging your towels on hooks or racks attached to the back of the bathroom door? Then why not switch things up a bit and use an old wooden ladder as a towel rack! It adds quite a rustic feel to the bathroom; plus, you can even paint the ladders if you want it to match your bathroom’s main colors.

Femme It Up with Canopy

Sometimes your ordinary bathroom curtain can be quite boring. If you want to give it an ultra feminine touch, use canopy instead! For best results, get soft, light curtains and tie them back with tasseled ropes or curtain ties with baubles.

Spell Words Using Tiles

Tiles aren’t just for function; they can be used for style too! And by style we don’t mean picking out your lace tile design in the home depot store. We mean creating a creating a cool design or spelling out a word using those tiles. If you love video games, why not spell Mario or Luigi on the walls? If you love watching Doctor Who, why not spell T-A-R-D-I-S?

Paint the Floors

Usually, bathroom floors are tiled rather than painted. So if you want your own to stand out, do the latter! Use bright colors and add gloss for extra effect. You can even draw a crazy cool picture like a big flower. And in case you’re afraid that you might slip, partner it up with clear rubber mats that come in complimenting colors to your floor.

Give It a Retro Makeover

If your shower curtains are one-paneled and boring then use circular curtain rods instead of your usual single bared ones to give it a retro twist. Paint it black and use bold printed curtains to emphasize the retro theme.

Paint the Mirrors

No bathroom will be complete without the few sets of mirrors you use to check out your good looks. And to make it seem less boring, you can paint it with some chalkboard paint. But if you don’t want that, replace it with a chalkboard painted board instead and leave some waterproof chalks or markers. You can use it as a reminder or inspirational board for your roommates, your spouse, and your kids.

A great looking bathroom is sure to be remembered by your guests. Don’t be afraid to break a few decorating rules and go crazy with décor, as long as that room makes you feel happy.

Facts You Should Know About Your Condo Association Fee

Condo building

Just because you’ve bought one of those condominiums for sale in the Scout area doesn’t mean you won’t have to spend any more on it. In fact, there are tons of expenditures that come with buying a condo unit, and one of these is the association fee. So in case you haven’t got a clue on what that is, here are the basic information about this payment that you need to know.

What exactly is it?

You’ve probably already heard of homeowner’s association fees and you might even know somebody who pays them. Just so you’ll know, in homeowner’s association fees, you’re paying solely for your house and lot until the property line. With condominiums, however, you’re not only paying for your own unit but for partial ownership of the condo building and the grounds it stands on. Condo association fees are monthly dues to be paid by the unit owner to the developer for the general upkeep of the condominium building. It’s mandatory to join the association. You start paying the fees the moment the deed of sale is signed, the unit is turned over, and the condominium’s title is formally under the name of the buyer. Keep in mind that you’re also required to attend the condominium association meetings.

To whom must you pay?

Each month, you pay your condo association dues to the property management office. They’re in charge of collecting your condo association fee and any other payables to the developer. As their office name implies, they’re also in charge of managing your building as well as the basic services that every condo development has, including security, janitorial services, maintenance staff and whatever else is needed to keep the building in tip top shape.

How much is the fee?

On how much the condo association fee will be rests on the developer and the project. It all depends on how much they will price the association fee per square meter without the VAT. Take note that the fee is based on how large or how small your unit is. So if you have a 20 square-meter unit, your fee will be larger than that of a 10 square-meter one. If you have a two-bedroom condo unit, your condo association fee will definitely be larger than that of a studio unit. Also take note of the amenities included. If the project has numerous amenities, chances are the association fee will be larger than a project with just a few ones.

What is the coverage?

Among the primary reasons why homeowners prefer a condo unit over a regular house is because of the amenities included. These amenities include use of facilities like swimming pools and gyms, promos in the in-house spas, and other venues such as churches and clubs. By paying your condo association fees, you get to enjoy all these things! Aside from amenities, condo association fees also cover building maintenance, repairs, security, utility expenses and other miscellaneous expenditures.

What are the penalties?

In case you’re unable to pay your dues on time, there are consequences to pay—literally! A penalty interest charge (the amount depending on the association regulations) will be applied on your overall fee. But it doesn’t end there; you’ll also have to face other penalties like the removal of amenities privilege and basic utilities. However, once you’ve paid the amount required, you will be removed from the list of delinquents and your privileges given back to you.

Like it or not, you need to pay your dues. Set aside a part of your monthly budget especially for your condominium association fee. That way, you’ll be able to maximize the comforts of your new home.

6 Survival Tips for Living Alone in Your New Condo

6 Survival Tips for Living Alone in Your New Condo

You’ve decided to strike out on your own after buying that condo for sale in the Scout area. With no roommates, siblings, parent and even helpers to keep you company, you might be wondering how you can survive in your new home. Well, no need to worry because we have here some much-needed survival tips for living alone in a condo.

Secure Your Windows

Whether you’re living on the 39th floor or on the sixth, it’s best if you secure your windows before you leave your unit. Sure, you sometimes need to crack it open to let in some fresh air, particularly during very hot seasons. But when you’re going out or otherwise unavailable, make sure it’s locked and closed. That way, nobody and nothing can get inside your condo without your express wish.

Learn How to Budget

Living alone means nobody split the bills with. That means those electric, water and other bills are all on you. So if you don’t want to get overwhelmed financially, then you’d better learn how to make a budget.

Get a Landline

Just because you already have a great cell phone doesn’t mean you don’t need a landline in your condo. Believe it or not, having one gives you some great privileges, including having a contact number people can call you with in case you lose your phone or it gets broken. Another advantage is a clearer line because, admit it, no matter how hi-tech your mobile phone is, it can still lose signal and leave you with a choppy connection. Better check out landline plans offered by various telecommunications’ companies immediately.

Clean Up the Place

Living on your own doesn’t mean you should be a slob; as much as possible, maintain cleanliness in your condo. Pick up your dirty clothes and schedule them for laundry. Wash your dirty dishes and place them back in the racks. And do all the other seemingly mundane yet helpful chores your mother asked you to do when you’re still living with them. As boring as it may be, cleaning would be beneficial for you and your condo in the long run.

Befriend Your Neighbors

Making new friends isn’t that hard; in fact, it won’t even take a minute! So introduce yourself to your new neighbors and befriend them. If you like to hit the gym, make friends with some of the regulars and instructors there. The more friends you have, the less lonely it will feel in your new home.

Eat and Drink What You Love

Now that you have a condo all to yourself, you don’t have to worry about eating or drinking anything you don’t want. You don’t even have to worry about your housemates’ food preferences since you don’t have one! All you have to think about is yourself and your own cravings. So if you’re slaving for fish taco or chocolate cake, then by all means dig in!

Living alone in a new condo is both an exciting and daunting experience. Still, you need not stress yourself over it. Sure, it will take a bit of time to get used to your new lifestyle but you’ll soon get the hang of it!

8 Design Ideas for Making Your Bedroom Look Bigger

condo bedroom

Buying a condo for sale along EDSA is a great thing to do if you’re looking for a new home. But what if the package you get includes a bedroom that’s too small for your taste? Well, here are some design ideas for making that room look larger on the inside.

Mount Mirrors on the Closet

Mirrors are always a great way to make a room look bigger. It’s the perfect tool to give the illusion of space. So if your bedroom happens to have a closet that takes up an entire side, then better replace its plain, wooden doors with mirrored ones. That way, your closet won’t look too bulky.

Sleep on a Daybed

If you’re living the condo life solo, why not trade your regular and bulky bed for a daybed instead? A daybed can be placed against the corner, leaving you with a room that looks more spacious upon entering. Here’s a bonus about daybeds: most daybeds have built-in storage underneath where you can keep your seasonal items or diaries.

Be Wise with Size

With such a small bedroom to furnish, keep in mind that you mustn’t buy big pieces of furniture—that is unless it fits. In any case, you should measure your room and your doorway first. There’s nothing more bothersome than returning a piece of furniture you love simply because it can’t fit through your doorway or in your bedroom. Purchase furniture pieces that (if you can’t assemble or disassemble it at will) can fit in perfectly.

Drop the Lights

Using the usual desk lamps can take up so much space on your table. So here’s a tip: Use pendant lights instead! Aside from the fact that it’s more space-efficient, it also creates a focal point which gives the illusion of largeness. Measure the lamps to make sure you can reach the switch without having to stretch your arm.

Let the Sunshine In

Letting in natural light is a great way of optically expanding the interior of your bedroom, making it look larger than it really is. So ditch the window coverings and allow some sunshine in. Or if you still want some sort of window covering, use sheer curtains or blinds that match the colors of your walls.

Keep It Minimal

Don’t allow your bedroom to have so many elements that it will make the room feel stuffy and cramped. Instead of going with multiple artworks, why not just have a really big painting mounted on the wall behind your bed’s headboard? Remember that when it comes to small bedrooms, lesser is better.

Use Your Walls

One of the top mistakes homeowners can make is not using the walls to maximize space. Believe it or not, doing that helps. For instance, you can mount shelves on your walls to store clothing instead of using bulky drawers. And you can even have wall-mounted lamps installed so your room won’t be cluttered with lamp stands and cords.

Add Good Decorations

Dreaming about a starry night? Why not cover your ceilings with wallpaper printed with bright, golden stars? Or how about adding sheep-printed wallpapers on your ceiling to help you doze off? Why not paint the ceiling the same color as your walls? Anything that draws the eye upward can help make the room feel bigger. This will add a seamless look to the room and make it feel like it is bigger on the inside.

Your bedroom is the area where you’ll spend most of your hours in, from your first waking minutes to your last. So better make it as comfortable and cozy as you can.

What You Need to Enjoy Fine Dining in Your Condo

Fine Dining

Are you currently considering buying that nice condo for sale along EDSA? If so, you’re making one of the best decisions of your life. Aside from the other perks of owning a condo unit, you would also be able to host a fine dining party or else romantic date with your special someone. Just in case you’re clueless on how it’s done, here’s a list of things you need to enjoy great culinary experience in your new home.

Plates and Bowls

Plates and Bowls

If you want to enjoy fine dining in your condo, then you’ll need plates. For your main course, use dinner plates. If you’re serving a midday meal, however, then luncheon plates are more ideal. Your salad and dessert plates are the same sizer. And placed on the upper left corner of your dining set up are your bread and butter plates. Oh, and you shouldn’t forget the bowls! There are many varieties of bowls, each with a separate purpose. For a general soup bowl, pick one that’s not too deep and can hold around 8 to 12 ounces of liquid.



You’ll also need good cutlery to enjoy great culinary experience! This include the soup spoons used to scoop up liquid food, the teaspoons to stir coffee or sip broth, the dinner spoons and forks for the main course, the fish forks that has a wider left tine and an optional notch, the luncheon spoons and forks for luncheon plates, and the respective spoons and forks for your salads and desserts. And don’t leave out the knives, just in case the food is too hard for your spoons and forks.



These include the large water glass which can hold up to 6 ounces of liquid, the tall and big-mouthed glass for your red wine, the smaller-rimmed and straighter glass for the white wine, the seven types of champagne flute (the popular of which is the wide-in-the-middle and inward-curving-rimmed tulip champagne flute) so you could enjoy some champagne, and the all-purpose glass for your other drinks such as juice, alchohol and many others.



Of course to complete your fine dining experience, you have to have good food on the table. Whether it’s bought from the nearest restaurant or prepared from the comforts of your kitchen, your dinner would be nothing without a filling and delicious meal. Oh, in case you’ve chosen the latter option, either you choose a familiar and favorite recipe or you could pull out something new for you and your guests to enjoy!



And you won’t be able to enjoy your food properly without a good beverage to wash it all down! Wine is ideally the beverage of choice for fine dining, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a different yet equally satisfying drink. So you needn’t worry in case you don’t like anything with alchohol in it; you could always serve juice, tea, and other great concoctions during your dinner parties.

These are just some of the things you need to have if you want to enjoy great culinary experience from the comforts of yiour new condominium unit. And while some consider fine dining to be a complicated art, you could easily turn it into a doable feat with this checklist!