Basic Problems, Basic Solutions: 8 Everyday House Problems and their DIY Solutions

Home DIY Solutions

Keeping your condo in tip top shape can be a bit of a challenge for busy moms. But don’t let the everyday clutter and sudden repairs frustrate you!

Here’s our list of 8 DIY fixes for those everyday house problems. Definitely a must read for those looking to buy a condo for sale along EDSA.

Laundry Baskets

Messy laundry room

Hate seeing your laundry baskets scattered all over the place? Keep your laundry area organized by storing those laundry baskets in a simple dresser. This way, you can just slide your laundry baskets out when you need them, and put them back in when you’re done.


Lost items

If you’re having trouble keeping track of where you last put your keys and ID cards, set up a catchall near the entrance of your condo. Having a catchall is a great way to store those random odds and ends so you’ll always know where to look.

Kitchen Peg Boards

Limited Kitchen Cabinet Space

Unless you live in a condo with a full size kitchen, you’ll have a hard time finding storage for your kitchen essentials. One way you can add easy access kitchen storage to your unit is by utilizing the walls. Simply put up this peg board on your kitchen wall and voila! You have extra kitchen space for those pots and pans that you use every day.

Spice Jars and Spice Rack

Spice Storage

Spices can be tricky to store. While it’s common practice to store bottles of spices on a wall rack, constant exposure to sunlight has a way of affecting their scent and taste.  The solution? Store your spices behind a cabinet door. This way, it will be easy for you to find what you’re looking for, without compromising the quality of your spices.

DIY Nail Polished Key

Confusing keys

If your house keys are all identical, you’ve probably already wasted a lot of time trying to figure out which ones go where.  A nifty trick is to paint each key with a different nail polish color so that you can easily differentiate them.

Cleaning Supplies Storage

Cleaning Supplies Storage

Shower caddies can be useful everywhere. If you need a place to store your cleaning supplies and other odds and ends, a sturdy shower caddy in the laundry area can provide the perfect space saving solution.

Charging Cord

Messy Charging Cords

One way to make sure that your charging cords will always be where you left them is by attaching it to the side of your nightstand with a binder clip. This way, you’ll never lose another charging cord again.

Fluffy Pillows

Lifeless pillows

Take your flattened pillows and put it under direct sunlight for at least 3o minutes. The heat from the sun will absorb the moisture and make your pillows plump. The sun also acts as a natural disinfectant so if you need to sanitize your linens and pillows after a bout with the flu, the sun is at your disposal.

You can always make your life a lot simpler with the help of everyday household materials. Do you have any DIY home hacks that you swear by? Share your ideas by commenting below.

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