6 Condo Hacks That Will Help You Save Space In Style!

If matter is something that occupies space, then the things you have at home matter. Well, what if you’re already starting to have too much things that matter, so much so that you’re running out of space?

If you think that is the conundrum you’ll have when you start living in one of our condominiums for sale in the Scout area, then read up on how you can save space and keep everything that matters to you at home.

Use a Chest as a Coffee Table

chest table

Instead of the usual coffee table where everything below the top and between the feet is nothing but an empty and unusable space, why not use a chest? With chests, you can store things you’re not currently using, and you can make them double as a coffee table. This will save you from the costs of having to buy a coffee table and storage crates, as well as save your house from the considerable space the two will occupy.

Run Shelves up to the Ceiling

shelves to ceiling

If your house doesn’t exactly have a high ceiling, this should be a good and convenient space-saving idea. Instead of putting or building another small shelf, which will once again eat up precious floor space, it’s better to make tall shelves that occupy a part of your house that virtually has no use.

Hole in the Wall

wall cupboard

Rather than mounting cupboards on walls, why not make cupboards a part of the wall itself? This will allow you to place more things on the kitchen. And if there comes a point when you no longer need too much space, a hidden compartment is always cool in your visitors’ books.

Not Just A Closet

storage closet

Is there still anybody at home who’s playing hide and seek? Whether the answer is yes or no, if you’re already starting to run out of space, it’s time you added a sorter/storage cabinet on the closet floor. After all, there’s no such thing as monsters, so nobody’s using the part beneath where the clothes hang.

Sofa Bed

sofa bed

Why buy a bed if you can have one with your sofa? You can use it to receive guests and as a seat when you’re watching TV in the morning, and you can sleep on it when night falls. And if you want even more bang for your buck, buy one of those sofa beds with a pull-out bed. Two beds and a sofa for the price of one furniture – what a steal.

Wall Bed

wall bed / Murphy's Bed

If a sofa-bed for you is still a space-eating behemoth, then what about a bed that will consume zero floor space when not in use? Yes, there’s such a thing; it’s called a wall bed. When it’s time to rise and shine, you can hang it up and use the space for some other activities. And when you finally have some shuteye, just hang it back down.

With these suggestions, you can save both space and the things that matter to you. See? It doesn’t take rocket science.

Go With the Flow: Feng Shui 101 For Your House

feng shui - condo for sale along edsa

Believe it or not, there are invisible and intangible forces at work in your home called chi. These life forces affect you for the better or worse. However, mysterious as they seem, they can actually be harnessed. How? Through Feng Shui. Feng Shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. You can align your home in such a way that good health and fortune will be promoted where you live.

If you want to buy our condo for sale in EDSA and optimize its connection with the universe, follow these steps.

Make your entryway welcoming

It’s not only you, your loved ones, and your pets that enter through the main door – it’s also where chi goes in as well. And the thing about chi is that it can move the same way as people do.

cool door

Therefore, if the entrance of your house looks like a pleasant sight after many hours of being away from home, then chi will surely enter. Have a fresh mat with a welcoming message, clean the main door, or paint it with a color you love – anything to make anyone on the outside want to see what’s inside.

Take care of potentially dangerous furniture

You probably have an old chair, couch, or table that have fallen victim to the wear and tear of time, use, and abuse – so much so that it has begun creaking or have some parts jutting out. These things are potential hazards, and the money you saved on keeping these furniture won’t be enough to cure the injury or two that they may cause. You know what you must do – either get rid of them or repair them. Aside from your chi improving, you will also become safer. See? Feng Shui can also be practical.

Move furniture away from beams and ceiling fans

Moving furniture

Another practical Feng Shui advice. Of course, it only makes sense to not sit or recline for a handful of hours directly under something that can cause debilitating injury – or even worse – when it falls. Besides, those things are quite distracting; imagine how mind-numbing it is to look at the ceiling fan for many minutes before you sleep.

Put plants in your home

There is no better way to make your home in tune with nature than to include nature itself. And there is nothing more symbolic of nature than houseplants. Adding these leafy greens in your living environment will make it a healthier place to be in. Why? Because plants take in carbon dioxide, which we exhale, and in turn give out oxygen, which we inhale. That natural and symbiotic relationship will create a cleaner, more breathable atmosphere, which in turn will attract chi.

Color according to your taste

It takes a lot of mental effort to get used to a place whose color scheme is unnerving. So instead of feeling stressed out with the hues of the walls and ceilings, why not paint it anew with something you actually perceive as pleasing? A better mood means better chi flow, and better chi flow means better health, energy, and fortune.

Feng Shui isn’t just some silly hocus-pocus that has no basis in any way whatsoever, but a practical and empowering way of life. Try practicing these simple tips in your own home and you’ll be a true believer.

Thinking Green: 7 Indoor Plants You Should Have

Plants can be used as ornamentations of space fillers in your home or at the office. While they make your place look beautiful, there are plants that you just got to have because of the benefits it has.

So if you’re about to head off to look for a house, condominiums for sale in the Scout area, or are shopping for office items, here’s a list of indoor plants that you should have to maintain a healthy and de-stressed life:

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

It’s very easy to grow because it doesn’t require much extensive care, perfect for busy people. All you need to do is to make sure that it gets large amounts of sunlight. The gel of the Aloe plant helps soothe burns and cuts, it can also clear the air of pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene and others that can be found in chemical cleaning products. Another great thing about Aloe Vera is its leaves show brown spots when the chemicals in the air becomes too much.



This is another sun-loving plant. It’s a flowering plant that reduces indoor air pollution, and is included in the NASA list of plants in their Clean Air Study. The blooms of the Chrysanthemum filters out benzene, found in paint, plastic, and detergent. To make sure that the buds open, you need to put it where there’s direct sunlight.

English Ivy

English Ivy

The Hedera Helix or the English Ivy is said to filter formaldehyde which is commonly found in cleaning products, and reduces fecal-matter particles that are airborne. It’s very easy to grow, however, you have manage it correctly so that it doesn’t become problematic like covering walls. The English Ivy is also listed in NASA’s list of filtering plants.

Snake Plant

snake plant

The Snake Plant or also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a popular ornamental plant because they don’t need a lot of light and water to survive. NASA also included this plant as one of the best filtering indoor plants. It absorbs toxins like nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde. Unlike most plants, it absorbs carbon dioxide during the day and releases oxygen during the night.

Red-edged Dracaena

red edged dracaena

This plant is more tolerant of dry soil and irregular watering, which is why it’s a popular indoor plant, especially in offices because it only requires heat and light. NASA said that the red-edged Dracaena helps filter formaldehyde, and cleans the air of xylene and trichloroethylene. It can grow to up to 15 feet, great for filling in a space.

Spider Plant

spider plant

Also a plant you that’s okay to neglect, NASA found out that it filters air pollutants such a formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene, and xylene. It’s very easy to grow and can live in different conditions. It can only be damaged by a high level of fluoride or boron.

Peace Lily

peace lily

A very beautiful low-maintenance plant because it only requires shade and water. This plant topped NASA list of indoor plants, filtering three of the most common pollutants, formaldehyde, benzene, and tricholoroethylene. It can also fight off toluene and xylene. It is, however, toxic to humans and animals when it’s ingested, especially to cats and dogs.

You’ll notice that these are air filtering plants that combat air pollutants found in paint or common cleaning products. It’s necessary to keep the house or the office free of these pollutants so that everyone can take in purified air and work as if stress isn’t even an issue, while also making the place beautiful.

More Than Function: 5 Creative Furniture Designs

How would you feel if you went to someone’s house and saw that their furniture was exactly the same as yours? That’s pretty ridiculous. But you have to admit, it is quite an unnerving thought. After all, it’s human nature to want to be unique, even when it comes to choice in furniture.

If you want to turn one of our condos for sale in EDSA into a one-of-a-kind pad, feast your eyes on these funky furniture sets.

Lean Table




If someone asks you the shape of a table, you’d most likely say square, rectangle, circle, or oval. Well, how about an irregular shape that is made out of hexagons? Yes, you read that right; such a table actually exists. Called the Lean Table, this furniture looks like hexagonal stools put together to form a table. However, in actuality, it’s just made of two irregularly-shaped chairs. Either way, what matters is that it looks like an insect hive, and insect hives are always cool.






Unless there is magic or sufficiently advanced engineering involved, you can’t turn a table into a shelf or a bench.  But with Extensions, you don’t need to have knowledge in either; all you need is to follow the manual.  IKEA, eat your heart out.

DIY Building Blocks




As a child, you played with building blocks to make all sorts of things. Heck, you still probably do the same thing until now. Too bad you can’t use them to make furniture. But don’t despair, because if that’s what you want to achieve, then turn your childhood (or even adulthood) dream into a reality with the DIY Building Blocks. Make a chair, a table, a shelf – you’re only limited by your wants, needs, and living space. And aside from its versatility, its black color and flatness makes it look very sleek and modern.

Bag Chair




If you travel frequently and do not have a car, there will be a lot of times in your life when you’ll be forced to stand, sometimes even for long hours. During those times, you’ve probably wished you could fit a chair in your bag. If that’s the case, then your wish has come true with the Bag Chair. It’s only the size of a laptop bag and quite easy to assemble to boot. And if you’re not going anywhere, then you can just leave it as a eccentric-looking chair at home that will leave your guests scratching their heads.

Emperor 1510





There’s probably no name more fitting for this awesome chair that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Seriously, there are very few things in this world that are cooler than this starfighter seat with an arch that can support up to three LED screens, a pad for a keyboard, a footrest, and a beverage holder. Perfect for watching shows (especially geeky ones) and playing video games, you might never want to stand up again. Ever.

So, did you find any of the furniture in the list to your liking? It’s almost impossible not to, since they’re all functional and fashionable. Surely, once you have any of these, you’ll be the envy of your guests.

5 Reasons To Stay At Home This Christmas Season

Lauren Hannah Properties - Stay Home This Christmas

There are a lot of places you can go to this Christmas. The mall, the park, a luxury hotel – there are so many beautiful sights to see during the holidays. However, all of them do not have serenity and simplicity – two things that should be felt this season. So, where’s this one place where you can find them? The home, nowhere else – especially if you call one of our premier condos for sale along EDSA ‘Home’.

Here are a few reasons why there’s nothing like Christmas at home:

Heavy traffic

Because of seemingly endless holiday shopping and Christmas parties left and right, the traffic, which is already heavy enough as it is, just became even heavier, more unforgiving, and more unbearable, with long and winding stretches of road filled with glaring red taillights from one end to another. So, if you have nowhere else important you have to be in and nothing else you have to buy, then just stay at no place else than your humble abode.

­­­You have visitors

If everyone’s going to someone else’s place during the holidays, then who will people be visiting during Christmas? What if someone else comes to visit you and you’re not home? That’s why you need to stay put and make sure that they’ll feel welcome – cook dinner, perform either a general or a quick cleanup, and prepare your home entertainment system for your guests. After all, there’s no better time for hospitality than Christmas time.

It’s more intimate

Intimate family Christmas bonding

Although there’s nothing wrong with spending Christmas somewhere else other than home, you have to admit that it’s best celebrated in a place of your own than one you share with hundreds or even thousands of other people you don’t know. Besides, expect that malls, theme parks, and other popular spots will be filled to the brim and therefore would be hard to have fun in, so make your own brand of family fun at home instead.

A lot more relaxing

There’s no denying that the time you spend in places outside the home can be fun. However, when it’s all over, you can’t help but feel exasperated, and only a relaxing reprieve at home can restore your weary soul. On the other hand, a good time at home, even if it involves something physical, hardly tires you out. Truly, there must be some kind of unexplainable magic in the home that fills its inhabitants with energy.

Practice your traditions

Family traditions are, well, supposed to be only within you and your family. And what better venue to hold these private affairs than your very own space? Whether it’s an embarrassing song-and-dance contest or a heartfelt exchange gift, these activities that are meant to be shared with the most important people in your life give off a sense of family togetherness and joy, and they’re felt best when all of you are at home.

So, are you still contemplating on leaving your house this season? Go ahead; nobody’s stopping you. Just remember that you’ll always go back. And when you do, you’ll realize there’s no place like it.

Faster, Before They Arrive! Clean Your House in an Hour or Less

Clean Your House In An Hour Or Less

Having unexpected guests can be a pleasant surprise. But if they’ll be coming to visit on a notice so short that you were unable to clean up your house, it can be a source of panic.

When that happens to you, don’t lose your cool. As long as you have an hour, then you can still turn what you see as a mess into the picture of cleanliness. If you think that’s impossible, then do the impossible with these quick and easy steps that can be applied to a mansion, one of our condos for sale along EDSA, and anything else in between.

Organize your things

To dust, sweep, wipe and mop can be difficult, boring, and time-consuming. So before you get to those tedious things, begin with what’s easy – organizing your things. Get the things that are not in their place and put them where they belong, and fix and align them so that they’ll look presentable.

Start with the living room

It should be a no-brainer that the first place you should be dusting and sweeping is the living room. After all, this is the first place your guests will see and the place where they will spend the most time in.

Fight it!
Fight it! Fight it!

If you have portraits, paintings, or anything encased that you haven’t touched in quite a long time, dust them down. If they have collected lots of dust, visitors will notice because they’ll be curious with whatever images are mounted on your wall or posted in the shelves.

As an additional, light scented candles or spray air freshener to hide any unwanted odors that you might not be able to smell.

Clean the dining room next

You can’t let your guests leave on an empty stomach, which means the dining room will be definitely used. That leaves you no choice but to clean the tables, chairs, and cupboards. Aside from the tables, pay special attention to the counters, as they’ll be in view during mealtime. Remove food items and condiments sitting on them, dust them, and sweep the floors.

Also, make room in your refrigerator, in case your guests either bring food or open it. Discard spoiled food and leftovers, and move large containers to the back.

Clean the bathroom

The second most frequented room by visitors is the bathroom, since they can’t really help it but to need some bio-breaks every now and then. Therefore, you need to make sure that it’s very clean, for even the smallest of stains can make your visitors think that it’s unsanitary.

Begin with the mirror, as your guests will be checking their looks on it. Use a glass cleaner to remove stains and fog. Next would be the sink and the bath tub and shower. Aside from cleaning them, supply them with soap, shampoo, and other toiletries.

Last but definitely not the least would be the toilet bowl. Clean and disinfect the outside first, then move on to the inside. Use a toilet bowl cleaner to make sure it’s thoroughly free of bacteria, stains, and odor. Also, make sure that there is enough toilet paper.

Being unprepared isn’t an excuse for an unclean and disorganized home. Thankfully, with these points, you can tidy up your house in no time.