Besides the Christmas Tree: Creative Christmas Décor Ideas

The best way to channel the Yuletide spirit in your own home is to spruce it up. There are so many kinds of decorations at your disposal, so don’t limit yourself with that dusty old plastic tree you’ve been putting your gifts underneath in.

If you plan to buy one of our condominiums for sale in Quezon City and need help in coming up with what to deck the halls with, check out these creative Christmas ideas.

Bow Wreath

Christmas Decor Ideas - Bow Wreath

All those elaborate gift wrapping ribbons with elaborate designs being thrown away once they served their purpose – what a waste of time, effort, and materials. Well, not really, as you can actually use them to make a wreath. Instead of buying one that looks perfectly identical to your neighbors, glue your ribbons on a donut-shaped Styrofoam. I assure you, it’ll have your visitors entangled with curiosity.

Paper Lanterns

Christmas Decor Ideas - Paper Lanters

Because Christmas has become a greatly westernized tradition, these ornaments inspired by the orient are sure to turn a head or two to your home’s direction. Have them lined up to light up your walkway, driveway, and porch. To do this, put sand on white paper bags as a base, and then put either tea lights or LED lights. While the former would give the lantern a more traditional feel, the latter would make it safer. As a twist, you can either arrange the lanterns in such a way that it would form a pattern when viewed from afar, or put holes shaped like Christmas-related objects on the lanterns.

Candy Cane Vase

Christmas Decor Ideas - Candy Cane Vase

If you have outgrown your sweet tooth, never had one in the first place, or had to give it up, why not turn those pieces of staff-shaped confection into a holiday decoration? Glue the candy canes around a can, and then lace it with a scarlet ribbon. To enhance its seasonal theme, put poinsettias in it. Now your candy canes will never lose their sweetness.

Glass cylinders With Ornaments

Christmas Decor Ideas - Ornament  Cylinder

If you have a lot of Christmas balls, pinecones, and other holiday knick-knacks but don’t have a tree to hang them on to, then glass cylinders should do the trick. Fill them up with these little nuggets and watch your interior put on its holiday colors. Although red and green and gold and silver are the usual combinations, you can take risks and experiment. After all, the festivities shouldn’t be limited to a few hues.

Christmas Chair Covers

Christmas Decor Ideas - Chair Covers

Let your seats in on the holiday cheer with these cool and creative covers. If you’re more of a giver, give these Santa Hat-esque cloths a shot. Kids will love it, as they’ll want to play with the tuft on top. On the other hand, these gift-themed covers are sure to make you and your visitors feel like you’re either a present or you’re sitting on one.

Follow these steps and make your home look and feel like it’s filled with the season’s spirits. After all, the home was, is, and always will be the best place to spend the holidays in.

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