Faster, Before They Arrive! Clean Your House in an Hour or Less

Clean Your House In An Hour Or Less

Having unexpected guests can be a pleasant surprise. But if they’ll be coming to visit on a notice so short that you were unable to clean up your house, it can be a source of panic.

When that happens to you, don’t lose your cool. As long as you have an hour, then you can still turn what you see as a mess into the picture of cleanliness. If you think that’s impossible, then do the impossible with these quick and easy steps that can be applied to a mansion, one of our condos for sale along EDSA, and anything else in between.

Organize your things

To dust, sweep, wipe and mop can be difficult, boring, and time-consuming. So before you get to those tedious things, begin with what’s easy – organizing your things. Get the things that are not in their place and put them where they belong, and fix and align them so that they’ll look presentable.

Start with the living room

It should be a no-brainer that the first place you should be dusting and sweeping is the living room. After all, this is the first place your guests will see and the place where they will spend the most time in.

Fight it!
Fight it! Fight it!

If you have portraits, paintings, or anything encased that you haven’t touched in quite a long time, dust them down. If they have collected lots of dust, visitors will notice because they’ll be curious with whatever images are mounted on your wall or posted in the shelves.

As an additional, light scented candles or spray air freshener to hide any unwanted odors that you might not be able to smell.

Clean the dining room next

You can’t let your guests leave on an empty stomach, which means the dining room will be definitely used. That leaves you no choice but to clean the tables, chairs, and cupboards. Aside from the tables, pay special attention to the counters, as they’ll be in view during mealtime. Remove food items and condiments sitting on them, dust them, and sweep the floors.

Also, make room in your refrigerator, in case your guests either bring food or open it. Discard spoiled food and leftovers, and move large containers to the back.

Clean the bathroom

The second most frequented room by visitors is the bathroom, since they can’t really help it but to need some bio-breaks every now and then. Therefore, you need to make sure that it’s very clean, for even the smallest of stains can make your visitors think that it’s unsanitary.

Begin with the mirror, as your guests will be checking their looks on it. Use a glass cleaner to remove stains and fog. Next would be the sink and the bath tub and shower. Aside from cleaning them, supply them with soap, shampoo, and other toiletries.

Last but definitely not the least would be the toilet bowl. Clean and disinfect the outside first, then move on to the inside. Use a toilet bowl cleaner to make sure it’s thoroughly free of bacteria, stains, and odor. Also, make sure that there is enough toilet paper.

Being unprepared isn’t an excuse for an unclean and disorganized home. Thankfully, with these points, you can tidy up your house in no time.

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