Fix It, Felix!: Making A Condo Maintenance Schedule

Fix It, Felix!: Making A Condo Maintenance Schedule

By now, you’ve acquired a nice condo for sale along EDSA and you’ve probably moved all your stuff as well as your family into it. But to keep it in the pristine condition you originally bought it in, you must keep a regular maintenance schedule. How are you going to do that, you might ask? We present to you these simple tips on how to make a condo maintenance schedule and the things to keep track of in this maintenance schedule.

Clean It Up

The first one on your list should always be cleaning. Believe it or not, a simple clean-up can help avoid a barrage of problems. So where should you start? First, the toilets. Clean ‘em once week and check the pipes as well to see if they’re clogged up or not. In any case, have a plumber visit your home at least once a year to avoid those unnecessary and annoying plumbing problems. After your toilet and plumbing come the filters of your air conditioning units, washing machines and dryers. Clean or replace these regularly to prevent bacteria and keep the electricity bill down. Remember, clean appliances consume lesser energy.

Call Pest Control

Even the most macho of men would freak out upon seeing a flying cockroach or ten. Sure, you might only encounter a single cockroach in your condo but there might be more hidden in the corners. So better have a pest control specialist come in at least once a year to avoid this vermin problem.

Inspect Your Gadgets

You plug in your electric water heater and you feel the current travel along the chord. And then you see it: part of the insulation has peeled away. You certainly don’t want a fire sparking in your condo. Avoid this by inspecting your gadgets every now and then. It can be every week or every month or every year, but make sure you do it on a regular basis.

Budget It

When you perform maintenance, the last thing you want is a big bill that would leave you flat broke. So after scouting and learning how much it would take to maintain your brand new condo unit, set aside money for the maintenance fees.

Print It Out

So now you are done with the maintenance. You’ve probably replaced a lightbulb or two, check all the chords of your appliances, and what not. Time to create a maintenance calendar to know when you did what last. What to jot down on it? Aside from the dates when you last replaced this or that stuff, you should also list down the last time any maintenance personel visited your condo. And here’s a little tip you can follow: Use your phone’s calendar to remember it all. After writing it down, grab your gadget and type in everything. You can even include alarms to know when you are going to perform you next maintenance.

Maintaining your unit can sound a bit of a hassle at first but remember, doing this will not only save you time but money as well.

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