Go With the Flow: Feng Shui 101 For Your House

feng shui - condo for sale along edsa

Believe it or not, there are invisible and intangible forces at work in your home called chi. These life forces affect you for the better or worse. However, mysterious as they seem, they can actually be harnessed. How? Through Feng Shui. Feng Shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. You can align your home in such a way that good health and fortune will be promoted where you live.

If you want to buy our condo for sale in EDSA and optimize its connection with the universe, follow these steps.

Make your entryway welcoming

It’s not only you, your loved ones, and your pets that enter through the main door – it’s also where chi goes in as well. And the thing about chi is that it can move the same way as people do.

cool door

Therefore, if the entrance of your house looks like a pleasant sight after many hours of being away from home, then chi will surely enter. Have a fresh mat with a welcoming message, clean the main door, or paint it with a color you love – anything to make anyone on the outside want to see what’s inside.

Take care of potentially dangerous furniture

You probably have an old chair, couch, or table that have fallen victim to the wear and tear of time, use, and abuse – so much so that it has begun creaking or have some parts jutting out. These things are potential hazards, and the money you saved on keeping these furniture won’t be enough to cure the injury or two that they may cause. You know what you must do – either get rid of them or repair them. Aside from your chi improving, you will also become safer. See? Feng Shui can also be practical.

Move furniture away from beams and ceiling fans

Moving furniture

Another practical Feng Shui advice. Of course, it only makes sense to not sit or recline for a handful of hours directly under something that can cause debilitating injury – or even worse – when it falls. Besides, those things are quite distracting; imagine how mind-numbing it is to look at the ceiling fan for many minutes before you sleep.

Put plants in your home

There is no better way to make your home in tune with nature than to include nature itself. And there is nothing more symbolic of nature than houseplants. Adding these leafy greens in your living environment will make it a healthier place to be in. Why? Because plants take in carbon dioxide, which we exhale, and in turn give out oxygen, which we inhale. That natural and symbiotic relationship will create a cleaner, more breathable atmosphere, which in turn will attract chi.

Color according to your taste

It takes a lot of mental effort to get used to a place whose color scheme is unnerving. So instead of feeling stressed out with the hues of the walls and ceilings, why not paint it anew with something you actually perceive as pleasing? A better mood means better chi flow, and better chi flow means better health, energy, and fortune.

Feng Shui isn’t just some silly hocus-pocus that has no basis in any way whatsoever, but a practical and empowering way of life. Try practicing these simple tips in your own home and you’ll be a true believer.

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