8 Design Ideas for Making Your Bedroom Look Bigger

condo bedroom

Buying a condo for sale along EDSA is a great thing to do if you’re looking for a new home. But what if the package you get includes a bedroom that’s too small for your taste? Well, here are some design ideas for making that room look larger on the inside.

Mount Mirrors on the Closet

Mirrors are always a great way to make a room look bigger. It’s the perfect tool to give the illusion of space. So if your bedroom happens to have a closet that takes up an entire side, then better replace its plain, wooden doors with mirrored ones. That way, your closet won’t look too bulky.

Sleep on a Daybed

If you’re living the condo life solo, why not trade your regular and bulky bed for a daybed instead? A daybed can be placed against the corner, leaving you with a room that looks more spacious upon entering. Here’s a bonus about daybeds: most daybeds have built-in storage underneath where you can keep your seasonal items or diaries.

Be Wise with Size

With such a small bedroom to furnish, keep in mind that you mustn’t buy big pieces of furniture—that is unless it fits. In any case, you should measure your room and your doorway first. There’s nothing more bothersome than returning a piece of furniture you love simply because it can’t fit through your doorway or in your bedroom. Purchase furniture pieces that (if you can’t assemble or disassemble it at will) can fit in perfectly.

Drop the Lights

Using the usual desk lamps can take up so much space on your table. So here’s a tip: Use pendant lights instead! Aside from the fact that it’s more space-efficient, it also creates a focal point which gives the illusion of largeness. Measure the lamps to make sure you can reach the switch without having to stretch your arm.

Let the Sunshine In

Letting in natural light is a great way of optically expanding the interior of your bedroom, making it look larger than it really is. So ditch the window coverings and allow some sunshine in. Or if you still want some sort of window covering, use sheer curtains or blinds that match the colors of your walls.

Keep It Minimal

Don’t allow your bedroom to have so many elements that it will make the room feel stuffy and cramped. Instead of going with multiple artworks, why not just have a really big painting mounted on the wall behind your bed’s headboard? Remember that when it comes to small bedrooms, lesser is better.

Use Your Walls

One of the top mistakes homeowners can make is not using the walls to maximize space. Believe it or not, doing that helps. For instance, you can mount shelves on your walls to store clothing instead of using bulky drawers. And you can even have wall-mounted lamps installed so your room won’t be cluttered with lamp stands and cords.

Add Good Decorations

Dreaming about a starry night? Why not cover your ceilings with wallpaper printed with bright, golden stars? Or how about adding sheep-printed wallpapers on your ceiling to help you doze off? Why not paint the ceiling the same color as your walls? Anything that draws the eye upward can help make the room feel bigger. This will add a seamless look to the room and make it feel like it is bigger on the inside.

Your bedroom is the area where you’ll spend most of your hours in, from your first waking minutes to your last. So better make it as comfortable and cozy as you can.