8 Design Ideas for Making Your Bedroom Look Bigger

condo bedroom

Buying a condo for sale along EDSA is a great thing to do if you’re looking for a new home. But what if the package you get includes a bedroom that’s too small for your taste? Well, here are some design ideas for making that room look larger on the inside.

Mount Mirrors on the Closet

Mirrors are always a great way to make a room look bigger. It’s the perfect tool to give the illusion of space. So if your bedroom happens to have a closet that takes up an entire side, then better replace its plain, wooden doors with mirrored ones. That way, your closet won’t look too bulky.

Sleep on a Daybed

If you’re living the condo life solo, why not trade your regular and bulky bed for a daybed instead? A daybed can be placed against the corner, leaving you with a room that looks more spacious upon entering. Here’s a bonus about daybeds: most daybeds have built-in storage underneath where you can keep your seasonal items or diaries.

Be Wise with Size

With such a small bedroom to furnish, keep in mind that you mustn’t buy big pieces of furniture—that is unless it fits. In any case, you should measure your room and your doorway first. There’s nothing more bothersome than returning a piece of furniture you love simply because it can’t fit through your doorway or in your bedroom. Purchase furniture pieces that (if you can’t assemble or disassemble it at will) can fit in perfectly.

Drop the Lights

Using the usual desk lamps can take up so much space on your table. So here’s a tip: Use pendant lights instead! Aside from the fact that it’s more space-efficient, it also creates a focal point which gives the illusion of largeness. Measure the lamps to make sure you can reach the switch without having to stretch your arm.

Let the Sunshine In

Letting in natural light is a great way of optically expanding the interior of your bedroom, making it look larger than it really is. So ditch the window coverings and allow some sunshine in. Or if you still want some sort of window covering, use sheer curtains or blinds that match the colors of your walls.

Keep It Minimal

Don’t allow your bedroom to have so many elements that it will make the room feel stuffy and cramped. Instead of going with multiple artworks, why not just have a really big painting mounted on the wall behind your bed’s headboard? Remember that when it comes to small bedrooms, lesser is better.

Use Your Walls

One of the top mistakes homeowners can make is not using the walls to maximize space. Believe it or not, doing that helps. For instance, you can mount shelves on your walls to store clothing instead of using bulky drawers. And you can even have wall-mounted lamps installed so your room won’t be cluttered with lamp stands and cords.

Add Good Decorations

Dreaming about a starry night? Why not cover your ceilings with wallpaper printed with bright, golden stars? Or how about adding sheep-printed wallpapers on your ceiling to help you doze off? Why not paint the ceiling the same color as your walls? Anything that draws the eye upward can help make the room feel bigger. This will add a seamless look to the room and make it feel like it is bigger on the inside.

Your bedroom is the area where you’ll spend most of your hours in, from your first waking minutes to your last. So better make it as comfortable and cozy as you can.

What You Need to Enjoy Fine Dining in Your Condo

Fine Dining

Are you currently considering buying that nice condo for sale along EDSA? If so, you’re making one of the best decisions of your life. Aside from the other perks of owning a condo unit, you would also be able to host a fine dining party or else romantic date with your special someone. Just in case you’re clueless on how it’s done, here’s a list of things you need to enjoy great culinary experience in your new home.

Plates and Bowls

Plates and Bowls

If you want to enjoy fine dining in your condo, then you’ll need plates. For your main course, use dinner plates. If you’re serving a midday meal, however, then luncheon plates are more ideal. Your salad and dessert plates are the same sizer. And placed on the upper left corner of your dining set up are your bread and butter plates. Oh, and you shouldn’t forget the bowls! There are many varieties of bowls, each with a separate purpose. For a general soup bowl, pick one that’s not too deep and can hold around 8 to 12 ounces of liquid.



You’ll also need good cutlery to enjoy great culinary experience! This include the soup spoons used to scoop up liquid food, the teaspoons to stir coffee or sip broth, the dinner spoons and forks for the main course, the fish forks that has a wider left tine and an optional notch, the luncheon spoons and forks for luncheon plates, and the respective spoons and forks for your salads and desserts. And don’t leave out the knives, just in case the food is too hard for your spoons and forks.



These include the large water glass which can hold up to 6 ounces of liquid, the tall and big-mouthed glass for your red wine, the smaller-rimmed and straighter glass for the white wine, the seven types of champagne flute (the popular of which is the wide-in-the-middle and inward-curving-rimmed tulip champagne flute) so you could enjoy some champagne, and the all-purpose glass for your other drinks such as juice, alchohol and many others.



Of course to complete your fine dining experience, you have to have good food on the table. Whether it’s bought from the nearest restaurant or prepared from the comforts of your kitchen, your dinner would be nothing without a filling and delicious meal. Oh, in case you’ve chosen the latter option, either you choose a familiar and favorite recipe or you could pull out something new for you and your guests to enjoy!



And you won’t be able to enjoy your food properly without a good beverage to wash it all down! Wine is ideally the beverage of choice for fine dining, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a different yet equally satisfying drink. So you needn’t worry in case you don’t like anything with alchohol in it; you could always serve juice, tea, and other great concoctions during your dinner parties.

These are just some of the things you need to have if you want to enjoy great culinary experience from the comforts of yiour new condominium unit. And while some consider fine dining to be a complicated art, you could easily turn it into a doable feat with this checklist!

8 Hacks To Maximize Your Condo Closet

8 Hacks To Maximize Your Condo Closet

It’s great that you’ve considered a condo for sale along EDSA as your new home. It’s convenient and it’s a great spot to live in. But then here’s the rub: there isn’t a lot of closet space for your wardrobe. Still, no worries! Presenting, our hacks to maximize that tiny closet!

Toss It Out!

Organizing your closet is a great opportunity for you to toss out what you don’t need. The blue top your girlfriend gave you that shrank after countless laundry? Give it away! How about that holey pair of socks? Throw ‘em in the trash! Remember the number one role of organizing your cloest: If you have not worn that piece of clothing in a year, let it go. Not only do you get to sort your things but you also get to lessen the number of clothes you are bringing to your new home.

Out of Season, Out of Sight

Yes, you may live in a country with just two seasons but there are some pieces of clothing that you can wear only on certain months or places. If you have a thick padded jacket, it would be stupid if you were to keep it hanging in your closet all year round. You can only wear it in places with freezing climates like Baguio or Tagaytay. So what are you going to do? Pack it up! After all, it’s not practical to have it occupying space for four tops. Put it in a box and shove ‘em under your bed. Remember, you need all the space you can get for your clothes.

Hang Multiple Clothing

If you really have a lot of clothes and they can’t fit in the closet rod, here’s a couple of techniques to get more space for your hangers. The next time you’re drinking from a canned softdrink, don’t throw away that soda tab! Keep it and then slip it onto your hanger hook and there you go, another place to hang another hanger. Or get an S hook and hang it on your closet rod. Then hand a plastic or steel chain on the other end of the S hook and voila! You can now start hanging your clothes on those chain links.

Utilize Shower Curtain Rings

Got plenty of scarves and bags? Here’s a way to hand ‘em all up! Get a good, sturdy hanger. Attach shower rings to this hanger. There you are, a way to save space and hang your scarves. You can also hang on it your bags, baseball caps and other items.

Keep It At A Level

There are pieces of clothing that you just have to repeatedly use like uniforms or jeans. Keep these items at an eye level, preferably on the upper or lower shelves.

Fold, Don’t Hang

We may be all about organizing here but we’re also about doing so properly. If there’s one type of clothing you must never hang it’s your sweater. Hanging your sweaters will only ruin it. So to keep them from toppling over, fold ‘em instead and place ‘em in cardboard boxes with labels.

Not In The Closet!

Although it can be quite convenient for you, don’t store your shoes in your closet. They’ll only take up a lot of your much-needed space. Instead, why not place them on a big frame and place it under your bed? Sort of like a makeshift shoe drawer. Or keep your most used shoes near the door for an easy getaway.

Pick The Right Hanger

When we say pick slim hangers, we don’t mean wire hangers. Wire hangers rust, stretch your clothes, pucker the shoulders of your tops and poke a hole in you beloved expensive jacket. Leave the wire hanger on the arts table. Pick slim plastic hangers or wooden ones. For suits and coats, get hangers with contoured arms to keep it in shape.

Keep your closet organized with these tips and for sure you’ll be shopping for more tops the next time a big sale is on!

Fix It, Felix!: Making A Condo Maintenance Schedule

Fix It, Felix!: Making A Condo Maintenance Schedule

By now, you’ve acquired a nice condo for sale along EDSA and you’ve probably moved all your stuff as well as your family into it. But to keep it in the pristine condition you originally bought it in, you must keep a regular maintenance schedule. How are you going to do that, you might ask? We present to you these simple tips on how to make a condo maintenance schedule and the things to keep track of in this maintenance schedule.

Clean It Up

The first one on your list should always be cleaning. Believe it or not, a simple clean-up can help avoid a barrage of problems. So where should you start? First, the toilets. Clean ‘em once week and check the pipes as well to see if they’re clogged up or not. In any case, have a plumber visit your home at least once a year to avoid those unnecessary and annoying plumbing problems. After your toilet and plumbing come the filters of your air conditioning units, washing machines and dryers. Clean or replace these regularly to prevent bacteria and keep the electricity bill down. Remember, clean appliances consume lesser energy.

Call Pest Control

Even the most macho of men would freak out upon seeing a flying cockroach or ten. Sure, you might only encounter a single cockroach in your condo but there might be more hidden in the corners. So better have a pest control specialist come in at least once a year to avoid this vermin problem.

Inspect Your Gadgets

You plug in your electric water heater and you feel the current travel along the chord. And then you see it: part of the insulation has peeled away. You certainly don’t want a fire sparking in your condo. Avoid this by inspecting your gadgets every now and then. It can be every week or every month or every year, but make sure you do it on a regular basis.

Budget It

When you perform maintenance, the last thing you want is a big bill that would leave you flat broke. So after scouting and learning how much it would take to maintain your brand new condo unit, set aside money for the maintenance fees.

Print It Out

So now you are done with the maintenance. You’ve probably replaced a lightbulb or two, check all the chords of your appliances, and what not. Time to create a maintenance calendar to know when you did what last. What to jot down on it? Aside from the dates when you last replaced this or that stuff, you should also list down the last time any maintenance personel visited your condo. And here’s a little tip you can follow: Use your phone’s calendar to remember it all. After writing it down, grab your gadget and type in everything. You can even include alarms to know when you are going to perform you next maintenance.

Maintaining your unit can sound a bit of a hassle at first but remember, doing this will not only save you time but money as well.

Plug, Play, and Live: 7 Appliances You Need At Home


Appliances That You Need At Home

While looking at condominiums for sale in Quezon City, you might also want to start thinking of the appliances you’ll need for your new home. Moving to a new home can be very exciting, but it can also be quite costly if you’re moving into a bare unit.

The great thing about living in a condo is that you only need a few key pieces to furnish it. Here are the 7 appliances you need to enjoy comfort and technology in your new home.



Imagine what your life would be like without the fridge. Not very pleasant is it? Without your trusty refrigerator, you won’t have ice for your drinks, no place to store leftovers for the next day, and no access to fresh produce without having to run to the grocery every minute of the day. You will have to buy many of your food staples like eggs, milk, butter, and cheese in very small quantities at a time or they will all just go to waste.

Electric Stove

Electric stove

Another important appliance that you need in the kitchen is the electric stove. How else are you going to whip up your culinary delights without the heat? Since most condo developments discourage the use of gas ranges for safety reasons, an electric stove makes the economical and practical alternative. Don’t forget to check the safety features of the electric stove before buying it.



For small food heating jobs, nothing gets the job done faster than the microwave. The great thing about having a microwave is that this nifty appliance can make popcorn, heat water, and even make a chocolate dessert in just mere minutes. You can also use it to dry up a batch of tomatoes if you ever have a hankering for sun-dried tomato pasta.



Every home needs some form of instant entertainment so a television should definitely be on your list of must buys. After  a long and tiring day at work or in school, you should be able to relax and enjoy watching your favorite television shows or movies.

Electric Fan

Electric Fan

In a tropical country like the Philippines, you need to have at least a couple of sturdy electric fans in your home. Why a couple? Because when summer comes, one isn’t going to be enough to cool you down. Since electric fans come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, make sure to pick out a couple that isn’t going to look tacky with your interior design.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner

Ahhh yes, the only appliance that matters when temperatures rise in the city. Even though the air conditioner may seem like an expensive buy, there are a lot of models that are not only well built, but cost efficient as well.  Choose brands that offer warranties so you can really get the most out of your money. And with econo features, you won’t have to spend that much money on your electric bill to cool off in the summer.

Washing Machine

Washing machine

Last but definitely not the least, you need a durable, heavy duty washing machine for your condo. While most condo dwellers prefer to get their laundry done by local laundry shops for convenience, you’ll be able to save much more money doing your own load ever week. Plus, you can be sure that your extra sensitive garments are cared for the right way since you’ll be doing your own washing.

What’s your must have appliance in your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

5 Tips to Prevent Your Man Cave from Looking Like a Bat Cave

Man Cave

Thinking of buying that condo for sale along EDSA and turning it into a swanky bachelors pad?

If you’re ready to transition from a college boy lifestyle into life in the fast lane, then here are 5 tips on how you can prevent your man cave from looking like a bat cave. After all, a true gentleman knows that keeping a house isn’t just a lady’s job.

Invest in real furniture

The first thing that you should do for your modern man cave is to invest in real furniture. Gone are the days of the all around futon, because now you actually have the income and the space for real furniture. Look for practical pieces that convey your sense of style and function. If you’re working with limited space, make the most of dual purpose pieces. If budget is a concern, you can always get into refurbishing.

Keep your space clutter free

Just because you have your own condo doesn’t make it okay to turn your living area into a pig sty. Just imagine what your guests will think when they see the clutter everywhere. Go against the male stereotype and actually put effort into keeping your condo clutter free. Set aside a few minutes every morning to make sure that everything is in their rightful place before you leave for work. It’s small habits like this that will help you keep order.

Have a fully functional kitchen

Even if cooking isn’t really your thing, you need to have a fully functional kitchen to survive. Make sure to have the basics around like pots, pans, knives, plates, and whatnot. Don’t just rely on a microwave and rice cooker to get those instant meals ready. Work on creating your very own specialty dish. And the only way that you’ll be able to whip up your own culinary delights is by having a real kitchen.

Know the basics of home repair and maintenance

Men, there is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to do minor repairs. Go beyond changing a light bulb and work your way to unclogging a sink or getting your electrical fixed. Not only are you going to save cash on doing simple repairs yourself, but it’s also going to earn you some serious ‘pogi points’ with the ladies.

Keep it clean

Last but not the least, always make sure that your condo is clean. Part of growing up is knowing how to take care of your own place so it’s important that you have one day each week to do your cleaning. Vacuum the floors, put away your laundry neatly, keep your bathroom spic and span – these are all things that a real man should know how to do on a regular basis. If you have time to go out with your friends for drinks on the weekend, you have time to clean your condo.

Have any cleaning tips or home hacks that you would like to share? Don’t forget to share those tips in the section below.