The Dummies’ Guide to Unconventional Bathroom Design Ideas

Unconventional Bathroom Design

Condominiums for sale in the Scout area typically feature great bathrooms. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t redecorate it, particularly if its current design doesn’t exactly meet your standards. And since you’re the one in charge of the renovation anyway, try out some of these unconventional bathroom design ideas we’ve listed down!

Paint Stripes on the Walls

Many experts say that vertical stripes make a person look taller, while horizontal stripes make them appear wider. So take a page out of your favorite fashionista’s book and paint your walls with wide, horizontal stripes to make your bathroom bigger than it really is! Or go for vertical lines if what you want to feel taller while in the bathroom.

Install a Ladder

Tired of hanging your towels on hooks or racks attached to the back of the bathroom door? Then why not switch things up a bit and use an old wooden ladder as a towel rack! It adds quite a rustic feel to the bathroom; plus, you can even paint the ladders if you want it to match your bathroom’s main colors.

Femme It Up with Canopy

Sometimes your ordinary bathroom curtain can be quite boring. If you want to give it an ultra feminine touch, use canopy instead! For best results, get soft, light curtains and tie them back with tasseled ropes or curtain ties with baubles.

Spell Words Using Tiles

Tiles aren’t just for function; they can be used for style too! And by style we don’t mean picking out your lace tile design in the home depot store. We mean creating a creating a cool design or spelling out a word using those tiles. If you love video games, why not spell Mario or Luigi on the walls? If you love watching Doctor Who, why not spell T-A-R-D-I-S?

Paint the Floors

Usually, bathroom floors are tiled rather than painted. So if you want your own to stand out, do the latter! Use bright colors and add gloss for extra effect. You can even draw a crazy cool picture like a big flower. And in case you’re afraid that you might slip, partner it up with clear rubber mats that come in complimenting colors to your floor.

Give It a Retro Makeover

If your shower curtains are one-paneled and boring then use circular curtain rods instead of your usual single bared ones to give it a retro twist. Paint it black and use bold printed curtains to emphasize the retro theme.

Paint the Mirrors

No bathroom will be complete without the few sets of mirrors you use to check out your good looks. And to make it seem less boring, you can paint it with some chalkboard paint. But if you don’t want that, replace it with a chalkboard painted board instead and leave some waterproof chalks or markers. You can use it as a reminder or inspirational board for your roommates, your spouse, and your kids.

A great looking bathroom is sure to be remembered by your guests. Don’t be afraid to break a few decorating rules and go crazy with décor, as long as that room makes you feel happy.