Where the Heart Is: 4 Ways to Make A Dinner at Home Romantic

Romantic Dinner

White tablecloth, elegant centrepiece, strings playing in the background while you look into your lover’s eyes in the candlelight. As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, we’re giving you insider tips from our love experts on how you can turn regular date night into a night to remember, without the hefty price tag of course.

Buying a condo for sale along EDSA this year may mean you have to cut back on your spending, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with showing your date just how much they mean to you.

Set the mood for love

You may not see your home as the ideal date place at this moment, but with a bit of creative draping, some fresh flowers, and your best dinnerware, you can set the mood for romance. Decorating your already simple yet elegant home to a place fit for romantic dinners is actually quite easy. The trick is to make use with what you already have on hand. A plain white sheet over a table adds an element of simple elegance, while a vase of fresh flowers is always a welcome centrepiece to any table setting. Take inspiration from your favourite fancy restaurant and arrange your dinnerware how their staff would to make your dinner look and feel special.

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Create a Romantic Playlist

Music always sets the mood for loving, so a romantic mixtape is a must have for that special date night. If you need suggestions for romantic songs, get sound inspirations from music streaming apps like Spotify or Deezer.  Whether you’re into country or indie, or an eclectic mix of both, you’re sure to find the perfect playlist to set the mood for the night. Create a playlist that you will both enjoy by mixing classic love songs, sexy songs, and love ballads together for a tasteful evening.

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Cook your best dish

There’s something very sexy about a man or woman who can whip up a meal, so let this romantic dinner be a challenge to you to improve your cooking skills. You don’t have to prepare a 5 course dinner if you can’t handle that yet. You can start with an appetizer – main course – dessert menu for that special night. Just make sure that the dishes you’ll be putting together are dishes that you and your date will enjoy. No matter how simple the meal, the important thing is that you cook with your heart.

Prepare a special treat

Don’t forget to cap off the night with a special treat for your date. Whether it’s a surprise acoustic performance of your favourite love song, or a trip to the rooftop to have wine while you look at the city skyline, preparing a special treat is guaranteed to turn a regular date into a truly memorable experience.

Romance is definitely in the air for Feb-ibig. Whether you’re single, married, or just a hopeless romantic, make sure to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you this month.

Have any romantic tips to share this Valentine’s day? Let us know in the comments section below.