Do’s and Don’ts Of Setting Up Your Home Entertainment System

Building Your Home Entertainment System

Thanks to advancing technologies in appliances, home entertainment systems can now rival theaters. Because of this, more and more people would rather stay indoors and wait for films to be released in DVD instead of going through the hassles of watching in a cinema.

If you want the same kind of viewing pleasure and convenience in your new life in one of our condominiums for sale in Quezon City, view this list of do’s and don’ts first.

Don’t go too big

Nobody wants to go small. In fact, if you watch shows that give viewers a glimpse of celebrity homes, it’ll seem as if they’re competing against each other when it comes to screen size. So, you think you can go against Hollywood A-listers? Not so fast. Before everything else, you need to check how big you can go. This is because aside from enough space to safely place the TV, a bigger TV needs a bigger viewing space. For example, a 60-inch TV needs a 6-9 feet distance away from the screen for an optimal picture. If you don’t have enough space to achieve that, then it would be better if you are to go for a smaller screen. If you want a guide for screen size and distance, check out this link.

Do put it in the middle

Your LED TV will be the highlight of your living room, so it’s only right that it should be in the center – literally. You don’t want to be bending your neck up, down, left, or right, even in the slightest, especially if you’re watching full-length feature film. So before you press play, in order to ensure a comfortable and visually sound viewing experience, make sure the set is set smack dab in the middle, usually 3-4 feet above the floor.

Do consider the sound system

Although movies are mostly visual media, sound will always be an integral factor to the experience they provide. Imagine an action movie with a lot of gunfights and explosions. Now, imagine that scenes that feature the two do not have sound. That would not only be unconvincing, but also jarring, and would ruin the movie experience altogether. So if you want your ears to be in on the enjoyment, then you better be ready to spend time and money in getting your sound system right.

Don’t let others get in the way

Even if you have the biggest, most high-definition TV there is, you definitely don’t want your viewing pleasures to become a pain just because of people passing in front of it. Therefore, when you install your set, picture where people will be going across the living room so you can place it in a completely unaffected location. After all, if you love your TV, you don’t want anyone to come in between you and the program you’re watching.

Having a home entertainment is a great convenience and a cool way to enjoy shows, but setting one up comes with hassles of their own. Hopefully, with the do’s and don’ts presented in the list, you can skip the stressing and go straight to the watching.