The High-Rise Life: The Advantages of Living in a Condo

living in a condo

Condo for sale along EDSA, Quezon City, Makati, Pasay, you name it – there are loads of them being constructed and sold almost everywhere in the Metro. However, not a lot of people, probably even including you, never really considered buying one. After all, you live in a warm and cozy home or apartment that has complete amenities.

But would you believe someone if he or she told you that living in a condo has its own advantages, perks, and privileges too? If not, then maybe he or she wasn’t convincing enough, because there is truly an edge in living in a condo. Here are some reasons to sway you to try the high-rise life.


Makati City

This is perhaps the most common reason why people buy a condo unit. While living in a suburb gives a sense of tranquility, it’s not exactly the easiest place to live in when you have to drive many miles just to report for work, drop your children to school, and in emergency cases, run to a hospital. Just imagine, all the hours you would’ve wasted on being on the road earlier than usual, spent on more productive things at home.


You can always rent an apartment if you want to live in the middle of a highly urbanized area. However, an apartment, unless it’s rent to own, can and will never be yours. That means all the money you spent on it are considered as losses. On the other hand, a condo, despite its mortgage being pricier than rent, can truly become your own place.


While owning your own place may not seem much at first, especially if all you want is to have somewhere to eat, sleep, and leave your things in, you will realize that it does matter when you start wanting to decorate and renovate it however you wish.

No Lawn To Maintain :)

If you’re the type who’s not into gardening, then having no lawn to tend would probably sound good for you. After all, maintaining how your yard looks costs a considerable amount of money, time, and effort. So if you find this rather resource-consuming activity a drag, why not just get a condo and drop it altogether?


If executive villages have security measures and personnel of their own, then so do condominiums. Considering the fact that there is usually just one entrance in a condominium, you can be assured that everyone who comes in and goes out is routinely and scrutinizingly inspected.

And for the protection of everyone inside, there are CCTV cameras installed on the front desk, corridors, and other areas where suspicious activity can arise. Plus, considering that units are quite close together, your neighbors will easily notice any unfamiliar face poking around the building and notify you, other neighbors, and security.


Another sought-after part and parcel of condo life is its amenities. In fact, it’s because of them that a lot of the elite have opted to buy units instead of houses.

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Just like in an executive homeowners association, you get access to the swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, and other facilities that are exclusive to unit owners only. However, unlike in an executive homeowners association, you don’t have to pay additional fees – permission to use them is already included with the payment for the unit.

So, how does a condo sound now? Relaxing? Safe? Upscale? Well, whatever it is and whether you’ve decided to get one or not, one thing’s for sure – the high-rise life is definitely worth leading.

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