6 Ways To Save Electricity in Your Condo

6 Ways To Save Electricity in Your Condo

Are you planning to buy that condo for sale in EDSA? Awesome! Having a new home can be quite exciting! But with this heat, your electricity bills might be doubled, partly because you’ll be using the air conditioner more often and partly because you will open all the electric fans you have in your home just to keep things cool. Well, let’s not minimize that electric bill problem, shall we? Here are some clever ways to save electricity in your condo.

Switch Light Bulbs

It may be such a minor thing but it can help reduce your electricity bill. Don’t buy incandescent lamps. Instead, go for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). Did you know that aside from being a major energy saver by using up to 75% less energy, CFLs can also last longer? Or if you really want to save a lot more money and you are willing to spend a little more, go for LED light bulbs. Your LED light bulb’s lifetime is around six times that of your CFL and, of course, it consumes lesser energy.

Do Full Laundry Loads

If you’re going to do your laundry, do full loads only. Running a half load consumes the same amount of electricity as running a full load. If your washing machine says it can take on 5 kilos, then load it with 5 kilos of clothing. On that note, weigh your clothes before putting them inside your washing machine. When your washing machine says 5 kilos, this means dry clothing, not wet. Also, don’t overload your washing machine as it can shorten the lifetime of your appliance.

Clean Your Appliances

If you have dirty appliances, chances are they are consuming more energy than they should be. Not only do they eat up energy, but they’re also not as efficient as they should be. If you can clean your own appliances, do it yourself but there are some that needs to be professionally cleaned like your air conditioning unit. For those appliances, better call on a professional.

Look For “The Star”

The next time you’re going to purchase an appliance, choose one with an Energy Star sticker on it. Appliances with the Energy Star sticker are energy saving products that are able to meet the highest energy efficiency standards established by the United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. But if you’re still unsure about the product you’re about to purchase, you can research the item on the internet and check out the reviews. If it comes with the package, check out the yellow EnergyGuide tags as well to compare the approximate energy usage of the item.

Turn Your Appliances Off

When your appliances, the lights or just something is not in use, turn them off! Or better yet, unplug ‘em! Even when plugged, these appliances are still consuming some energy. Did you put your laptop on sleep in belief that this saves energy? Of course not! Turn it off and unplug it. According to a study, up to 75% of electrical energy consumed on a daily basis is just from appliances that are plugged in and not in use, like the television or the toaster. But there are certain obvious exemptions to this rule such as your refrigerator.

These are very easy and efficient ways to save energy. Remember, you’re not just conserving energy, but you’re also saving money as well!

8 Hacks To Maximize Your Condo Closet

8 Hacks To Maximize Your Condo Closet

It’s great that you’ve considered a condo for sale along EDSA as your new home. It’s convenient and it’s a great spot to live in. But then here’s the rub: there isn’t a lot of closet space for your wardrobe. Still, no worries! Presenting, our hacks to maximize that tiny closet!

Toss It Out!

Organizing your closet is a great opportunity for you to toss out what you don’t need. The blue top your girlfriend gave you that shrank after countless laundry? Give it away! How about that holey pair of socks? Throw ‘em in the trash! Remember the number one role of organizing your cloest: If you have not worn that piece of clothing in a year, let it go. Not only do you get to sort your things but you also get to lessen the number of clothes you are bringing to your new home.

Out of Season, Out of Sight

Yes, you may live in a country with just two seasons but there are some pieces of clothing that you can wear only on certain months or places. If you have a thick padded jacket, it would be stupid if you were to keep it hanging in your closet all year round. You can only wear it in places with freezing climates like Baguio or Tagaytay. So what are you going to do? Pack it up! After all, it’s not practical to have it occupying space for four tops. Put it in a box and shove ‘em under your bed. Remember, you need all the space you can get for your clothes.

Hang Multiple Clothing

If you really have a lot of clothes and they can’t fit in the closet rod, here’s a couple of techniques to get more space for your hangers. The next time you’re drinking from a canned softdrink, don’t throw away that soda tab! Keep it and then slip it onto your hanger hook and there you go, another place to hang another hanger. Or get an S hook and hang it on your closet rod. Then hand a plastic or steel chain on the other end of the S hook and voila! You can now start hanging your clothes on those chain links.

Utilize Shower Curtain Rings

Got plenty of scarves and bags? Here’s a way to hand ‘em all up! Get a good, sturdy hanger. Attach shower rings to this hanger. There you are, a way to save space and hang your scarves. You can also hang on it your bags, baseball caps and other items.

Keep It At A Level

There are pieces of clothing that you just have to repeatedly use like uniforms or jeans. Keep these items at an eye level, preferably on the upper or lower shelves.

Fold, Don’t Hang

We may be all about organizing here but we’re also about doing so properly. If there’s one type of clothing you must never hang it’s your sweater. Hanging your sweaters will only ruin it. So to keep them from toppling over, fold ‘em instead and place ‘em in cardboard boxes with labels.

Not In The Closet!

Although it can be quite convenient for you, don’t store your shoes in your closet. They’ll only take up a lot of your much-needed space. Instead, why not place them on a big frame and place it under your bed? Sort of like a makeshift shoe drawer. Or keep your most used shoes near the door for an easy getaway.

Pick The Right Hanger

When we say pick slim hangers, we don’t mean wire hangers. Wire hangers rust, stretch your clothes, pucker the shoulders of your tops and poke a hole in you beloved expensive jacket. Leave the wire hanger on the arts table. Pick slim plastic hangers or wooden ones. For suits and coats, get hangers with contoured arms to keep it in shape.

Keep your closet organized with these tips and for sure you’ll be shopping for more tops the next time a big sale is on!

Fix It, Felix!: Making A Condo Maintenance Schedule

Fix It, Felix!: Making A Condo Maintenance Schedule

By now, you’ve acquired a nice condo for sale along EDSA and you’ve probably moved all your stuff as well as your family into it. But to keep it in the pristine condition you originally bought it in, you must keep a regular maintenance schedule. How are you going to do that, you might ask? We present to you these simple tips on how to make a condo maintenance schedule and the things to keep track of in this maintenance schedule.

Clean It Up

The first one on your list should always be cleaning. Believe it or not, a simple clean-up can help avoid a barrage of problems. So where should you start? First, the toilets. Clean ‘em once week and check the pipes as well to see if they’re clogged up or not. In any case, have a plumber visit your home at least once a year to avoid those unnecessary and annoying plumbing problems. After your toilet and plumbing come the filters of your air conditioning units, washing machines and dryers. Clean or replace these regularly to prevent bacteria and keep the electricity bill down. Remember, clean appliances consume lesser energy.

Call Pest Control

Even the most macho of men would freak out upon seeing a flying cockroach or ten. Sure, you might only encounter a single cockroach in your condo but there might be more hidden in the corners. So better have a pest control specialist come in at least once a year to avoid this vermin problem.

Inspect Your Gadgets

You plug in your electric water heater and you feel the current travel along the chord. And then you see it: part of the insulation has peeled away. You certainly don’t want a fire sparking in your condo. Avoid this by inspecting your gadgets every now and then. It can be every week or every month or every year, but make sure you do it on a regular basis.

Budget It

When you perform maintenance, the last thing you want is a big bill that would leave you flat broke. So after scouting and learning how much it would take to maintain your brand new condo unit, set aside money for the maintenance fees.

Print It Out

So now you are done with the maintenance. You’ve probably replaced a lightbulb or two, check all the chords of your appliances, and what not. Time to create a maintenance calendar to know when you did what last. What to jot down on it? Aside from the dates when you last replaced this or that stuff, you should also list down the last time any maintenance personel visited your condo. And here’s a little tip you can follow: Use your phone’s calendar to remember it all. After writing it down, grab your gadget and type in everything. You can even include alarms to know when you are going to perform you next maintenance.

Maintaining your unit can sound a bit of a hassle at first but remember, doing this will not only save you time but money as well.

What Are The Things You Should Look For When Buying A Condo?

What Are The Things You Should Look For When Buying A Condo?

Checking out condos for sale along EDSA? That’s great but before you check out those units you should know what to look for when buying one. Are you merely looking at the building’s name? Or are you also looking at the practical aspects? To help you out, here’s a list of the things you should look for when buying a condo.

Location, location, location!

It’s all about location! If you work in, for example, Pasig city, why choose a place in Laguna? If your child is studying in Makati, why buy a home in Marikina? Always consider the distance between your new home and the places you frequently go to like your workplace or your relatives’ homes.

Is the Layout OK?

Remember that a condo is a long term investment; it’ll be your home for a very long time. So check the condo’s layout if it is alright with you, and don’t just rely on the blueprints. Inspect the sample unit or, if possible, the actual unit itself. Is the bathroom’s shower okay with you? How about the bedroom’s postion? Is the living room big enough for you? And check the floor plan of the condo. Know where the fire extinguishers are and the emergency exits are and if they can easily be accesed from your unit.

Know the Rules and Regulations

Do you have pets? How many? Check the condo’s rules and regulations about animals because some condos have policies regarding pets wherein they only allow each homeowner three pets only. If you’re planning to rent out your unit, what are the rules about this? How about the amneties? What are there rules regarding the pool or gym usage?

Scout The Neighborhood

When it comes to your home, you want to know what’s around you. If you have an elderly or sickly family member moving in, you’dwant to make sure there’s a hospital nearby. If you have children who still go to school, you’d want them going to a good and reputable school. If you bought your unit for the nice view, know if there are any buildings being built neaby that might obstruct that scenery. If you absolutely hate to cook and live on takeout food, check out the neighborhood if there are any good eateries nearby.

Look Up the Demographics

Investigate the people living in the building where you’re planning to buy a unit. If you’re a medical student, what you need is silence and peace. You don’t need a building with partying college kids. You don’t want loud, rowdy people living in the unit beside yours, no matter what age you are.

Understand the Maintenance and Association Fees

Some developers may charge higher than what you expected. See if it’s really worth it and if the building is maintained properly. You have to know if what you’re going to pay is really being used. You can do this by asking some of the homeowners if the management is really doing their job or by doing some online research.

Check Out Their Reputation

Thanks to the internet, you can now easily discover the reputation of the condominium’s developers. Do they deliver as they promise? Check the financial situation of the developer. Are they still well off or are they about to go bankrupt? Are there many complaints against them?

These things matter. A condominium isn’t just a flimsy toy you buy. It isn’t something you purchase for showing off. A condominium is a long term investment, a place you’ll call your home. So choose wisely.

10 Packing Hacks for Moving Into Your New Condo

10 Packing Hacks for Moving Into Your New Condo

Let’s say you just bought one of those condominiums for sale in Quezon City. It’s exciting, yes, but you won’t truly feel like the owner until you pack everything you own and move ‘em all into your new digs. Sounds hard for you? Don’t worry, it’s not! Here are 10 packing hacks that will make your moving day easier.

Sort It All Out

Take this as an opportunity to sort out all your stuff. Create three piles labeled throw, donate, and keep. If you haven’t used it in more than a year, donate it. If it’s in a really bad condition, throw it. The rest, put in your keep pile.

Utilize Your Suitcases

Use your suitcases to move in some of your lighter things like clothes, gadgets, books, and even vases. That way, you can save both money and time.

Pack An Overnight Bag

Moving into a new home can get quite tiring. You might feel so exhausted afterwards that you just don’t want to hunt for your toiletries and PJs in your organized mess of boxes. An overnight bag is the solution for this problem. What do you need to pack? A set of pajamas, toiletries, a set of clothes and gadgets are just a few examples.

Keep Clothes Hanging

It can really be quite a hassle to remove your clothes from their hangers, fold, then unpack and re-hanger them again. So just pack them as it is, while on their hangers. And when you get home, hang ‘em in your closet. It’s that simple!

Last To Pack, First To Unload

Remember this rule when it comes to packing your things. One of the last things you should pack is your toolbox and box of groceries. Why the toolbox? Because it’s going to be pretty handy when it comes to hanging things. And the groceries? You’re going to be very hungry after moving; food must be there to satiate your hunger.

Use Styro Plates

Styrofoam plates make good protection for your fragile, breakable plates since they’re already similarly shaped. As you stack your breakable plates, place a Styrofoam one in between. It’s a two-in-one deal because not only do you get to prevent your plates from breaking, you also get a few plates you can use for those days when you just can’t face washing the dishes.

Use A Rubber Band To Keep Your Door Open

Nobody wants to be locked out while moving in furniture. So to prevent this, wrap a rubber band around one doorknob, twist it, wrap the other end around the other doorknob, and Voila! You now have a simple way to keep your door from latching.

Keep ‘Em Separated

You’ve probably heard about moving day stories where the homeowner finds a fork with her shoes or that jug she’s given up for lost in a box of linens a few weeks later. Don’t let this happen to you! Don’t place your jug with your bathroom items just because it saves space. Keep your bedroom items in your bedroom box. Keep your stuff well-categorized and seperated.

Snap A Photo Of Your Electronics

Label your wires using masking tapes and markers before unplugging them from your appliances Then photograph it to make it easier to remember which plug goes where.

Color Code, Label and List

As you place your things in the boxes, list down what you’re putting inside each box. Then label your box with its assigned color (e.g. red for kitchen, blue for bathroom) and stick a copy of your list onto the box.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon have all your stuff in your new crib. Just one more thing to do: Don’t forget to send you new address to everyone at least two weeks before moving. Enjoy your new home!

Small Ain’t Terrible: 7 Ways to Decorate A Small Hallway

Small Ain’t Terrible: 7 Ways to Decorate A Small Hallway

There are numerous condominiums for sale in Quezon City. Of course, since it is a condominium, the hallway will be quite small. So how do you decorate that narrow strip of space? Here are some ideas for decorating your small foyer.

Let You Reflection Show

Placing a mirror in the hallway is not just for vanity’s sake. Actually, it is a practical idea because it can help create the illusion of space in a small area. Get big mirrors, the ones that cover the whole wall. But if you’re not comfortable with big mirrors covering your hallway, go for something with a reflective surface like a glass table because just having something with a glass or mirror surface can magnify natural or artificial light, thus making the room seem bigger.

Take a seat

Sometimes you just need a place to sit as you lace up your shoes or additional seating when you have a small get together in your home. Don’t go with a big lounge chair; instead, why not a slim, narrow bench with space underneath for your shoes? It not only serves as a seating option but if you add a couple of boxes underneath, it can also serve as an additional storage area.

Hook It Up

People often underestimate the power of a hook. Believe it or not, it can be a great addition to your hallway. Sometimes jackets and hats are just too bulky to store inside your closet so why not hang them on the hooks you’ve placed in your hallway? Not only would you save space in your closet, you’ll also maximize your hallway as well. And when it’s not in use, these pieces add character to your home.

Color It Bright

Since you already have a small hallway, don’t go for dark, brooding colors because this will only make your hallway look even smaller. Choose cold hues instead like grey, beige, sky blue or gainsboro grey because they give the illusion of a larger space. If you’d like to give the appearance of a wider hallway, paint the long hallway wall a light color then paint the far wall a bright color.

Be Musical

If you love music, why not use your hallway as your own music room? You can put a piano in the hallway or hang your guitar on a wall peg. Now you not only get to have a mini-music room but you’ll have a place to show off your love for music as well!

Read On

Are you a bookworm with an insatiable thirst for literature? Then the hallway is your ideal storage space for books! Make use of narrow bookshelves for your hallway. This way, you’ll feel like you have your own library in your home.

Store and Fix It!

Because you’re living in such a small space you would want to use every single bit of space you can, and that includes your foyer. Add a console table with multiple drawers near your front door to store your little items. You can also place your keys and wallet there so that it would be easier not to forget them when you go out. Go for overhead storage and place floating shelves with wicker baskets to store your bigger things.

Decorating and maximizing small living space can be quite a challenge but once you learn how to do it, everything else will be a breeze.