VOSS – Condominium For Sale In Quezon City

If your dream is to live in Brooklyn, New York City – a destination most iconic for its distinct brownstone building architecture and buzzing vibrant culture – look no further than Quezon City.

Lauren Hannah Properties is bringing the Brooklyn experience to Quezon City.

Lauren Hannah Properties, one of the up and coming property developers in the country, is developing the premier condominium for sale in Quezon City. And it’s not just another one of those minimalist condominiums that can be found almost everywhere in the Metro, but an entirely new and unique living experience.


The Brooklyn Façade

The aesthetic of Brooklyn, the warm rustic interiors of the countryside and the peaceful and soothing ambience of Norway – this is the flair of “VOSS”.

Lauren Hannah’s flagship condominium will be offering an aesthetic sensibility unlike other condominiums usually found in the country. The exterior will feature a façade that looks like brownstone buildings found in Brooklyn, New York, making it seem like you’re living in the world-renowned Big Apple despite being in the heart of Quezon City.

The Rustic Interiors

If the outside is stylish and full of character, then it follows suit that the inside boasts interior design that reflects its flair. We want VOSS to be full of spice, full of life and complimenting aesthetic juxtapositions.

True to its name – which Lauren Hannah Properties patterned after a quiet, laid-back town in Norway that is close to nature – our aim is to provide a personal space that will make anybody feel relaxed and easy. Imagine the floor having an acid-stained finish, giving it a unique style that stems from its perfect mix of that smooth and shiny yet mottled, earthly look and feel. And the interior – walls, doors, and cabinets – will be a clean and crisp white, which is simple, elegant, and easy to take in.

Fittings & Furnishings

The consummation of VOSS’ warm ambience is in the careful selection of furnitures and design. If you buy one of our units in VOSS, you won’t have to worry about a refrigerator, air conditioning unit, closet as well as complete kitchen  as they are ALL  part of VOSS.  With their modern rustic design, they send a natural, laid-back vibe to the place you’ll be spending most of your time relaxing in between hours of work.

VOSS will be rising soon in the corner of Scout Rallos extension and Kamuning Road.

With Lauren Hannah’s VOSS condominium in Quezon City, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty, and you don’t have to leave the familiarity of the country for the artistic styles of Brooklyn and Norway. And the best part is that you’d get to feel the amenities of a high-rise home without the uninspired air of a regular condominium.

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